Shaolin Prince (1983)
Reviewed by: MrBooth on 2004-10-22
Summary: 8/10

**** SHAOLIN PRINCE: The directorial debut of one of the greatest martial arts choreographers of all time, Tang Chia, is a manic comedy wire-fu extravaganza in the same vein as Buddha's Palm or Zu Warriors (etc), featuring lots of inventive fight scenes and some goofy special effects. The comedy is often rather goofy, but I found it quite pleasing in this film - and it's nice to see Ti Lung get a relatively comedic role for a change. He's quite charming as the goofy good-natured monk who doesn't know that he's actually the heir to an usurped throne (yeah, it's one of those stories). Derek Yee gives a straighter but equally satisfying performance as his younger brother.
Reviewer Score: 8

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