Elixir of Love (2004)
Reviewed by: RLM on 2004-11-02
Summary: Airy romantic commedy...
Although Elixir of Love might be a light-weight, and at times a little tongue-in-cheek, commedy, it had my wife smiling all the way through and crying at the end! It made for a great late night cuddle movie.
The story revolves around an ancient kingdom and an emperor who has only sons. The emperor is overjoyed at receiving news that he finally is the father of a princess. However, his joy does not last long; his daughter is born with a disease which causes her to stink! Full of despair, the emperor announces that the man who can cure his daughter will have her hand in marriage. Richie Jen plays a poor local guy who believes that he can cure the disease, but first he must test his concoction (created from fragrant flowers). While searching for a test-subject with foul oder, he stumbles into a fish-selling maid played by Miriam Yeung. This chance meeting totally changes his plans. The two embark on a journey to find a cure for the princess which also leads to discovery of their feelings for each other.
Although the subsequent plot twist is thinly veiled, it was nonetheless charming.
Rated 4/10