Cat and Mouse (2003)
Reviewed by: RLM on 2004-11-02
Summary: Waste of time...
I just got around to viewing this movie, and to be honest, I hadn't missed anything of importance.
Knowing that Gordan Chan directed the movie, and it stars Andy Lau, Anthony Wong and Cecilia Cheung, my hopes were high. However, this movie failed in all respects. The plot is too thin -
it's losely based upon a popular chinese novel - and the acting uninvolved. I also got the impression that those involved were about 20 years too old for their parts; this might have worked with younger actors.
The fighting scenes are dull and the commedy lame. What a waste of talent all around!
It would be better for anyone to read the original chinese zodiac story of the cat and mouse than to watch this movie.
Rated 1/10

PS. It's about a constable who is always bummping heads with a cross-gender bandit - who eventually falls in love with him - for no apparent good reason other than the need for a plot twist.