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February 25, 2009

Zhao Wei as Mulan
Zhao Wei - Mulan

Zhao Wei’s Portrayal as Mulan Unveiled

Jackie Chan returns to Chinese film with gang thriller Shijuku Incident

Photos of actress Tang Wei at Reading University in England were recently uploaded to the internet

Hu Jun in sci-fi comedy Kungfu Cyborg

Ning Hao to begin shooting new film in March 無人區(Uninhabited Region)
Regular cast members Huang Bo and Xu Zheng will join Wang Shuangbao, Ba Duo
Yu Nan

Director Ning Hao

Hong Kong East Week is reporting that Andy Lau is planning to marry longtime girlfriend in April.
According to reports, Andy bought a HK$7M home in Malaysia as a gift to her parents. The bride is the long rumoured Carol Chu/Zhu Liqian. April 6 is one speculated date as it is Carol Chu’s 43rd birthday. Last year, Andy sang at the wedding of  Carol’s sister. Photos of the couple making plans with her parents in Malaysia were published.

Andy Lau to Marry Carol Zhu in April?
Andy Lau - Not Married, No Kids, No Plans to Work with Gillian Chung

‘Dragonball’ fans fired up over manga movie

Chinese pop star hopes to move on from nude photo scandal (video)
Edison Chen says some sex photos were taken by the girls

Unaffected Gillian Chung Plans Comeback after Edison’s Hearing

Hong Kong pop star Karen Mok bound for Canada to protest seal hunt,hong-kong-pop-star-bound-for-canada-to-protest-seal-hunt.html

Vivian Chow Two Months Pregnant?

Doctors to man: you’re no Andy Lau

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