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July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

NFPF: Brodsky’s A Trip through Japan with the YWCA (ca. 1919)

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CRI: Director Pleased with “Triple Tap” Box Office During World Cup

CF: Peter Chan to Shoot a Remake of “One Armed Swordsman”

Jia Hongsheng died by suicide

With Zhou Xun - real life lovers and costars in Suzhou River

(Xinhua-slide show)

FBA: Jia Hongsheng tumbles to his death

Favorite of Sixth Generation directors, male lead in Suzhou River, Quitting, Frozen reportedly leapt to death.

Seven story fall onto car, related articles (Xinhua)23(Sina)

FBA: Zoom Hunting (獵豔) (5/10)

Slickly shot drama of a photographer snapping a possible murder is flawed by an awkward script.

FBA: Bang Rajan 2 (บางระจัน 2) (Thailand) (6/10)

Eric Tsang

Ma Jian

Seven Little Lohans/Seven Arhat featuring Eric Tsang and Chen Sicheng will open July 23, the day after the blockbuster Aftershock opens. Eric said he hopes the comedy will provide a change of pace from the epic tearjerker by Feng Xiaogang. (Sina)

CRI: “Seven Arhat” to Hit Big Screens July 23

The film follows seven arhats as they fight a group of four grave robbers at a mountain temple…The film’s production company said they intended to produce it as the Chinese version of the Hollywood “Home Alone” series.

Eric Tsang was also the latest victim of a false death rumor reported on the internet. In the latest case, Eric had died July 3 while watching the World Cup due to over excitement. In recent months, Simon Yam and Rainie Yang have been rumored to death. (Xinhua)

Jiang Yiyan

Jiang Yiyan is busy learning German and English for the Chinese-German coproduction I Phone You. Jiang will film in Berlin and Chongqing as a girl who goes to Berlin to search for love. Deng Jiajia also has been cast. Filming begins in Chonqing at the end of July. Chinese director Dan Tang will helm from a script by Golden Bear awardee Wolfgang Kohlhaase. (Sina)23

Flirting Scholar 2 - Louis Fan Siu-Wong

Louis Fan

Peeping Natalis Chan

Huang Xiaoming (Sina)2

Stephen Chow and Cecilia Cheung appear on popular talk show ‘Date with Lu Yu’ (Xinhua)

Gan Wei, Lin Chi-Ling - Welcome to Shamatown

Film has earned 40 million yuan at the box office in two weeks

Gan Wei (Sina)

CRI: ’80s Generation’ Gains Heat at the Box Office

“80’s Generation” is an epic story depicting a 15-year romantic relationship between two young people. The film includes historical events such as the Hong Kong handover, SARS, the Beijing Olympics, and Leslie Cheung’s death to name just a few.

CRI: Zhou Xun Promotes Environmental Film

APA: Forever Young and Restless: an interview with actress Cheng Pei-pei

Movie legend Cheng Pei-pei reminisces about her days at Shaw Brothers, working with director King Hu, and how she’s managed to stay a major figure in Chinese-language media.

Gillian Chung is coming to Malaysia on July 8 to promote her new film, The Fantastic Water Babes.

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