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July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010

THR: ‘Aftershock’ rattles China exhibitors, filmgoers

Aftershock, a drama about one of the deadliest earthquakes in history, is due to shake more movie theaters across China than any film in history, opening Thursday on more than 3,500 screens.

THR: Aftershock (review)

“Aftershock” is ultimately a small family melodrama revolving around perennial themes of love, forgiveness and coming-of-age. Feng ditches his usual sharp-tongued humor and feisty characters to concentrate on stimulating the tear ducts through traditional but polished storytelling technique.

CRI: Film “Aftershock” Opens to Public

Pirated copies of Aftershock have already surfaced on the eve of the national release. One online 100 minute version has appeared with the final 20 minutes missing. 30 minute cellphone videos and CD-ROMs have also appeared in Guangzhou. (Xinhua)

Danwei: Aftershock, filmed like The Banquet or The Day After Tomorrow? Decide!

The Liaoshen Evening News published an investigation into the commercial backing of the film, interviewing its producer on the Tangshan side, Yao Jianguo.


The deputy manager of the big shot New Film Association, Gao Jun, accepted an interview and said that most of the films in China are cutting a loss. This is true for the majority of the 20 films shown in June. For example, Love In Cosmos stopped showing after not making 5 million yuan, Ocean Heaven will hardly make the 8 million yuan it spent on production, and it would be hard for Welcome to Shamatown to make a profit on its 16 million yuan production and 8 million yuan running costs.

Love in Disguise poster

(Sina-slide show)

CRI: ’Detective Dee’ to Open on Sept. 29

CRI: ”Curse of the Deserted” Horrifies August

CRI: What “80’s Generation” Inspires Chinese Films

Exclusive interview with Chen Huanzong, the producer of the film “80’s Generation”. (CRI Review)

FBA: Good Earth (大地) (7/10)

Cultural Revolution tale of a scientist and the villagers he tries to help develops into a moving, subtly directed drama.

Single Men and Women - Gao Yuanyuan, Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu proposes to Guan Yuanyuan (Sina)

CRI: Johnnie To Directs New Romantic Film

As previously announced, Stanley Tong is starting an ‘action star training’ course in Shanghai. The goal is to develop a new generation of action stars and train them for TV and film. The model is the old TVB artists course that created stars such as Chow Yun-Fat, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Andy Lau and others. Tuition will be for 5 months and cost $98,000. Guest lecturers will include Jackie Chan, Gordon Chan, Eric Tsang, Yuen Tak, Won Bin and others. The best students will be offered roles in Tong’s two TV and two film productions. Partner Eric Tsang stated the training policy, “Training as short as possible, to work the sooner the better.” (Xinhua)

SG: Gaile Lok is pregnant

SG: Faye Wong’s three sentences in 10 minutes cost a bomb

Shanghai Youth Daily article wonders whether Faye Wong has misgivings about returning. The article cites 1) the smaller venues - to ensure full house, fear of loss in popularity, 2) longer advance ticket sales period - to gauge sales, 3) no full tour - concerts limited to Beijing and Shanghai, rumors of a tour being cancelled, concerts are to make ‘milk money’ and  to recoup losses due to bad investments by her husband Li Yapeng, 4) ‘concert then retreat’ strategy could be marketing ploy to sell tickets. (Xinhua)

SG: Wang Lee Hom accused of being difficult

Ethan Ruan sued by ex-manager

Mark Chao spotted on movie date with Ivy Chen

July 21, 2010

Aftershock (Hollywood Reporter review)

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By Maggie Lee
July 21, 2010

The desire to impart Confucian values of parental love and filial duty overrides the need to make a spectacle of death and destruction in “Aftershock,” Feng Xiaogang’s $25 million film about the psychological scars of survivors of the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake that claimed about 242,400 lives. While the state-of-the-art effects of the brief earthquake scenes lend the film an epic feel, and the story arc clearly harbors ambitions of encapsulating China’s strenuous road to prosperity through one family’s saga over 32 years, “Aftershock” is ultimately a small family melodrama revolving around perennial themes of love, forgiveness and coming-of-age. Feng ditches his usual sharp-tongued humor and feisty characters to concentrate on stimulating the tear ducts through traditional but polished storytelling technique.

A seismic impact on the domestic boxoffice is to be expected, as the film is opening Thursday on more than 3,500 screens across China, the widest release ever in that country. It will also be the first Chinese-language film to be shown on Imax nationwide. At least, Feng would have no problem breaking his own record of $53.7 million for “If You Are the One.” Audiences should welcome the catharsis it provides for the national trauma suffered during the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008 from the way it links the 1976 and 2008 catastrophes in the plot. The film’s heavy slant on drama rather than action means smaller tremors in the international market. Asian territories, especially earthquake-prone Japan, would be more responsive.

The story commences on July 28, 1976, the day of the earthquake, in Tangshan, an industrial city 140 kilometers from Beijing. The heroine Yuan’ni (Xu Fan, Feng’s wife and muse of his early works) is happily married to truck driver Fang Daqiang. They have twins: elder daughter, Deng and younger son, Da.

Feng’s treatment of the proverbial calm before a storm is nothing if not economical. Two short scenes define the Fangs absolute bliss against compromised economic conditions of the period — Yuan’ni huddles up with her children to enjoy the luxury of their newly purchased electric fan; Yuan’ni and Daqiang, who have no room of their own, have a romp inside his truck. One scene suffices to reveal the family dynamic that leads up to the pivotal plot point — when the twins fight for a tomato, Yuan’ni gives it to Da. Tomatoes would play a role in the heart-tugging coda that occurs 32 years later.

Unlike another Asian disaster mega-film “Haeunde” there is no wading through a string of subplots and a motley crew of characters (a common excuse for star cameos) for nearly an hour before getting to the disaster. In less than 20 minutes, the money shots come tumbling down like the walls of Jericho.

For overseas viewers, the quality of CGI and special effects (partly handled by a Korean team) are secondary in novelty to seeing the toppling of vintage Stalinist- Chinese architecture rather than the skyscrapers and dams that make regular appearances in Hollywood disaster flicks. Nevertheless, one can sense Feng’s eagerness to get the blockbuster elements quickly out of the way so that he can get on with what he does best — personal human drama.

Soon after Daqiang dies saving Yuan’ni from repercussions of an aftershock, she is plunged into a dilemma similar to that in “Sophie’s Choice.” The twins lives are endangered but only one can be saved by the rescue team (spoiler alert). She chooses her son Da. Miraculously, Deng survives, but by then Yuan’ni and Da have already been evacuated. The image of the puny, dust-covered girl rising Lazarus-like from a sea of corpses is a stark tableau of human resilience.

Feng’s treatment of how Yuan’ni lives with her guilt and how Deng overcomes the lifelong trauma of hearing her mother choose her brother’s life over hers is not too heavy-handed. At best, Yuan’ni’s acts of remorse are made to look like amusing stubbornness, even providing comic relief. The measured build-up and restraint allows Feng to pull off several all-out tear-jerking scenarios towards the end, when dramatizing the mother-daughter reunion through the Sichuan Earthquake.

The parallel lives of Deng and Da, going through the same stages of teenage rebellion, career building and marriage without knowing of each others’ existence, comprises the most over-stretched section in the film, at well over an hour. In contrast to the tempestuous first act, the experiences described are so typical of ordinary Chinese that it naturally leads to a dip in tension. However, the universal nature of the parent-child relationships, interspersed with historical events like Chairman Mao’s death and social transformations like the flourishing of “Ge Ti Hu”(self-employed households) is what connects most deeply to his target mainland audience.

Entrusted with such a demanding role, Xu Fan sometimes tips over to exaggeration. Her demonstrative gestures and tendency for her voice to gets squeaky at dramatically charged moments are dents to an otherwise powerhouse performance. Bringing composure and intelligence into the balance is Zhang Jingchu as the teenage and adult Deng. As Deng’s adoptive father, veteran actor Chen Daoming gives a degree of credibility to an idealized character by projecting an earthy, slightly naive image.

The extravagant production design, utilizing period paraphernalia gathered from nationwide donations, evokes rosy nostalgia for a period that was in reality far from cozy. Complemented by a muddy brown and ashen gray color texture in the 1976 section, cinematography by Lv Yue (DP of Feng’s “Assembly” and John Woo’s “Red Cliff”) is solid, achieving an apocalyptic sense of doom in shots of the ruins and panoramic views of the city before and after the devastation. Visuals set in the ’80s til 2008 are less stylized.

Presented by Tang Shan Tele-broadcast Media Co. Ltd, China Film Group, Huayi Brothers Media Corp.; co-presented by Shanghai Film Group, Zhejiang Audio-visual Co. Ltd., Media Asia Film Co Ltd, Emperor Motion Pictures.
Production Company: Huayi Brothers Media Corp.
Director: Feng Xiaogang
Screenwriter: Su Xiaorui
Based on the novel “Aftershock” by Zhang Li
Producer: Chen Kuofu
Executive producer: Wang Zhonglei
Cinematography: Lv Yue
Production designer: Huo Tingxiao
Editor: Xiao Yang
Music: Wang Liguang
No MPAA rating

July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010

APA: Why Am I Doing This?

A buddy comedy about a struggling actor and comedian, Tom Huang’s Why Am I Doing This? should appeal to young adults going through existential crises due to the struggling economy.

Variety: Ong Bak 3

Too much contemplation and not enough demonstration sends Thai-socky “Ong Bak 3″ slumping to the canvas. Latest and reportedly final installment lacks the emotional clout that would compensate for the meager footage of martial-arts superman/co-helmer Tony Jaa beating the daylights out of all comers.

[Formerly HKMagazine]La Comédie Humaine

“La Comédie Humaine” is mainly a vehicle for the two leading actors but if that’s what the filmmakers planned, then at least the two-man show is brilliant.

APA: Lessons on Film: interview with director Feng Xiaoning

Director Feng Xiaoning (Super Typhoon, Red River Valley, Purple Sunset) was a guest at UCLA’s film series.

Andy Lau, Gong Li (Sina)

CRI: Andy Lau, Gong Li Tell the Media ‘What Women Want’

Previous reports suggested that Mel Gibson, who starred in the original version of the movie, was likely to make a guest appearance in the Chinese remake. [Maybe not anymore.] (Xinhua-slide show)

Xinhua: Feng Xiaogang faces Aftershock ambush

Aftershock previewed Sunday night in Tangshan and premiered Tuesday in Beijing and while its content received positive reviews, its overtly-commercial nature, did not.

CRI: Repairing Wounded Souls

Movie critic Liu Bangbang says Feng Xiaogang’s IMAX disaster film “Aftershock” is not about showing off special effects.

cfensi: Eight Facts About “Aftershocks/Tangshan Earthquake”

Panda wars shaping up for 2011

Gordon Chan denied yesterday’s reported list of cast members for Painted Skin 2. Only Huang Xiaoming and Betty Sun Li have been acknowledged. (Xinhua)

Huo Siyan, Gong Xinliang, Barbie Hsu, Richie Jen

Beijing trailer release event for Dragon and Phoenix Inn

Law Kar-Ying

(Xinhua-slide show)

Aaron Kwok’s theme song for City Under Siege ‘How to Forget’ has been released. (Sina)

Faye Wong, Jackie Chan endorsed shampoo dangerous?


Jackie Chan’s string of failed endorsements



Forget the books. Here are the real stars of the summer. Introducing the ever-controversial “leng mo.”

[Today's starting lineup: Chrissie Chau, Angelababy, A.Lin, Dada, Donut, Evelyn Choi! Let's get ready to model!!!]

Baby Got Banned

The Book Fair’s controversial decision to ban pseudo-models this year has led many to question why the popular fair has suddenly become the city’s moral authority.

The three-hour Mayday concert at Gibson Amphitheatre featured a solid night of fan favorites that drew from the band’s extensive discography.

In their first trip to Los Angeles, Hong Kong-based singers Khalil Fong and Fiona Sit string together a concert held together by cover songs.

“Brother Seven” on the history of iconic Cantonese restaurant Fook Lam Moon

For more than 40 years, “Brother Seven” Chui Wai-kwan has been managing the kitchens of Fook Lam Moon, the iconic Cantonese haute cuisine restaurant serving the city’s rich and famous.

‘Star Wars’ on a subway car

July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

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CRI:: Aaron Kwok’s Clown Feature in “City under Siege” Revealed


CRI: Chinese Version of “High School Musical” to Hit Screens in August

CRI: “Aftershock” Director Defends at Beijing Premiere

Audiences laughed at the film whenever they realized an advertisement appeared.

Beijing Aftershock Premiere Ceremony [Yesterday's post title corrected]

Feng Xiaogang

Feng Xiaogang, Xu Fan

Feng Xiaogang apologized to Chen Daoming for cutting out his scenes. (Xinhua-slide show)

Takeshi Kaneshiro, Nicholas Tse and Yao Chen joins cast of Gordon Chan’s Painted Skin 2. Filming begins July 22. (Xinhua)

Faye Wong concert promo photoshoot


HK actor Alex Man and ex-wife to remarry

Tien Niu refuted reports (Xinhua)

CRI:: Isabella Leong Gives Birth to Twin Sons

SG:  Leon Lai: “Don’t ask me trash questions”

The star has been dishing out pearls of wisdom in interviews and the media dubbed him the King of Golden Quotes for his ability to come up with quotable quotes

July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Global Times: Jia Hongsheng’s death a modern day tragedy as thousands mourn the screen idol

Jia helped Zhou [Xun] get her first important role in TV series Palace of Desire by introducing her to director Li Shaohong, but their relationship ended with Zhou cheating with singer Pu Shu.

FBA: Hear Me (聽說) (7/10)

Taiwan’s little-known box-office champ of last year is an engaging romance that’s kept light and unsaccharine.

FBA: Documentary takes top prize at TFF’s Taipei Awards

CRI: World’s Largest Screen for ‘Aftershock’ Premiere

The largest silver screen in the world will be used for the premiere of Chinese director Feng Xiaogang’s IMAX disaster film “Aftershock” Monday evening (July 12) in Tangshan.

In order to make their 500 million yuan box office goal, Huayi Brothers has increased the minimum allowed ticket price for Aftershock up 5 yuan.  For A-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, this means the minimum price is now 35 yuan, for B-tier cities like Chengdu the minimum will be 30 yuan and for C-tier cities, 25 yuan. Feng Xiaogang’s Cell Phone was the first to a require a minimum ticket price but back then the minimum was only 5 yuan. Theater owners have already complained about minimum ticket prices in the past, with half-priced Tuesdays and discounts for group sales, they are already subsidizing ticket sales out of already low profits. (Xinhua)

CRI: Light Shed on ‘Orphan of Zhao’

Bankable actor Ge You plays the lead character Cheng Ying, a doctor living in the countryside in 6th century BC who sacrifices his own son to save an orphan, and then raises him and helps him get his revenge.

Chow Yun-Fat, warlord Yuan Shi-Kai, Emperor of China?

Yuan Shikai

Cast members for The Founding of the Republic’s follow-up, The Founding of a Party is beginning to shape up. Feng Xiaogang, Jiang Wen, Zhang Ziyi, Chen Tao-ming, and Ge You are said to be confirmed. Liu Ye was previously reported to play the young Mao Zedong. Andy Lau and Chow Yun-Fat have not wanted to respond whether they will participate or not, Chow is said to be cast as warlord Yuan Shi-Kai. According to sources, Tang Guoqiang will again play the older Mao Zedong. Chen Kun (Zhou Enlai), Zhang Hanyu (Sun Yat-Sen), Zhang Guoli (older Chiang Kai-Shek), Andy Lau (Cai E), Vivian Wu, (Soong Meiling, Chiang Kai-Shek’s wife), Jiang Wenli (Soong Weiling, Sun Yat-Sen’s wife) and Zhou Xun are also reportedly cast. Director Huang Jianxin promiised that, this time, he would not cut out John Woo’s role. Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Stephen Chow, Jet Li and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai have also been invited to perform. Jet Li and Donnie Yen are said to be ready when needed. (Sina)

Aarok Kwok, Zhang Jingchu

While promoting City Under Siege in Beijing Sunday, Zhang Jingchu shocked everyone by singing an excellent acappella rendition of Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina while Aaron imitated various Cristiano Ronaldo gestures that sent the audience laughing. Aaron opined that the German octopus Paul successfully predicted the winners of the matches because he liked bright colors and the winners flags all had bright colors.

Wu Jing, Zhang Jingchu

Zhang Jingchu was touched and grateful for Wu Jing’s care. Because she had a torn ligament injury, Wu Jing showed her how to massage it to relieve the pain and also gave her a small hammer to massage her leg with. (Sina)23

Qin Hailu

First photos of Qin Hailu in Shaoxing Opera costume for TV drama Jinling Confidential


Zhang Ziyi

Trying the vuvuzela

Zhang Ziyi appeared on a sports talk show on World Cup Sunday (Xinhua)(Sina)

Shanghai - Edison Chen

Edison Chen was in Shanghai to celebrate the 6 year anniversary of his CLOT brand and autograph a commemrative book. Besides working on a new album, Edison plans to produce a film next year.


Edison Chen steps out as film producer

SG: Gaile Lok and Leon Lai’s marriage on the rocks?

Sammi Cheng back to her best

Sammi Cheng blurred the line between big-budget musical and blockbuster pop event at her recent concerts in Hong Kong and at Taipei Arena.

Alex Fong: Go ahead, ask me about Ah Gill

July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

FBA: Searching for Brodsky (尋找布洛斯基) (7/10)

Revealing documentary on the hardly-known “China Film King,” Russian-Jewish businessman Benjamin Brodsky…Next up for rediscovery: Chinese-American director-cum-restaurateur Esther Eng?

Newsweek: Remaking Hollywood Hits for Asian Audiences

AP: Feng revisits deadly 1976 quake in ‘Aftershock’

FBA: Aftershock to be China’s next great leap forward

Aftershock, the new film by Feng Xiaogang seems on course to break one record even before the first audience member files in. The film is to receive the widest theatrical release in modern Chinese history.

FBA: Golden Horse introduces new director award

Lu Chuan

Lu Chuan confirmed Chow Yun-Fat will appear in his ‘King’s Feast’ (previously, Banquet at Hongmen, in Chinese) as rumored back here on (3.27). Chow will play Liu Bang, First Emperor of the Han Dynasty. Filming will begin in October with a 2011 Chinese National Day (Oct.1) release target. (Sina)

CRI: “The King’s Feast” to Start Shooting

Renowned Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat has confirmed he will act in the role of ancient peasant leader Liu Bang.

CRI: More Than 70 Stars Join in “The 1911 Revolution”

Sun Honglei, Sun Chun and actress Jiang Wenli will respectively play the roles of revolutionary leader Huang Xing, Warlord Yuan Shikai and Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China Soong Ching-ling.

CRI: Zhang Fengyi to Star in ‘White Deer Plain’

New film from director Wang Quan’an (Tuya’s Marriage, Apart Together).

CRI: ‘Amazing’! Basketball Film Begins Shooting This Fall

The upcoming basketball film “Amazing” will be produced by the Shanghai Film Group Corporation (SFGC) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) and will begin shooting this August, the Oriental Morning Post reports.

A handful of Asian actors will get the chance to play with those great players for the project. Actors who may appear in the film include Jay Chou, Daniel Wu, Wu Chun, Peter Ho, Han Geng, Huang Xiaoming, Shawn Yue, Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao and Nicholas Tse.

SG: Takeshi Kaneshiro to trade blows with Donnie Yen

Acclaimed director Peter Chan will be directing a re-telling of Chang Cheh’s classic, One-Armed Swordsman, but he will not be allowed to use the same title as he was not able to acquire the rights to the original.

The rights to the original movie was acquired by Celestial Pictures and the company had an agreement with Peter’s long-time partner, Teddy Chan. Due to a fall-out earlier, Peter will be flying solo and has decided to do a re-telling of One-Armed Swordsman.

SG: Seth Rogen reveals truth behind Stephen Chow’s departure

“Stephen wanted to film it in a more comic-book fashion, which was different from what we intended.”

“The Green Hornet has a fixed structure to it, like how Green Hornet and Kato are buddies and will work together to fight villains. This part of the story cannot be changed but Stephen wanted something different, so he had to leave.”

CRI: Latest Stills of “CJ 7: The Cartoon”

The trailer has revealed splendid visual effects and many innovative ideas. The explosion scenes, which usually dominate Benny Chan’s films, will take the audience’s breath away in this film by blowing up more than 30 different vehicles including cars, trucks and even buses. The budget for explosions has been added up to more than 70 million yuan (US$10 million).

Unusual Love

The film tells a story of love and hatred, which takes place in the wilderness of Yinchuan during the 1920s. In order to pirate the treasure successfully, the advisor of Escort (Yu Dongjiang) sets a trap to provoke the chieftain of Escort (Vincent Chiao) and his wife (Miao Pu) against each other. Eventually, it evolves into warfare between them in the wilderness.

Tien Niu

Tien Niu was in Shanghai to promote her TV series a Chinese version of The Devil Wears Prada. She would not rule out working with ex-husband Alex Man if given the opportunity. Alex Man returned to show business and will appear on stage in a production of Faust. Tien Niu also said she would not encourage their daughter to enter show business even though she recently made her television debut.

Tien Niu (Xinhua)2

Arthur Wong, Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei sent a late night bottle of wine to DP Arthur Wong Ngak-Tai for his birthday on the set of Chinese Ghost Story in Shanghai. (Xinhua)

In Suzhou to promote Lost Bladesman

Donnie Yen denied rumors his fee was 22 million yuan for the film

Donnie Yen does retro, sporting the Village People look

Leaving his imprint (Xinhua)

Guei Lun-Mei - recent photo shoot


Chang Han

Chang Han (Chang Chen’s brother) in a recent photo shoot in Hong Kong


Gigi Leung - Cat Woman

Wing Shya is shooting cover for Gigi Leung’s new CD ‘Pa Jimo Cat’ (lit. afraid to be alone) (Xinhua)

Edison Chen

Edison Chen in Taipei for a book signing denied recent rumors of a break up with Vincy Yeung. Vincy has not been seen by his side at recent events leading to the rumors. Edison was also recently seen clubbing with a new 18 year-old girl. (Xinhua)

A recent drop in Huayi stock price has caused Li Bingbing’s shares to drop over 10 million yuan. (Xinhua)

Sammi Cheng Taipei concert

(Xinhua-slide show)

Dikembe Mutombo, Zhang Ziyi  - South Africa

(Xinhua slide-show)

Global Times: The return of Faye Wong, her September issue and cover girl wars

Jet Li drew up will a decade ago

The action star also took the opportunity to reiterate that he is not retiring from the movies and said that he would “continue to do films” as long as it did not interfere with his running of his charity, One Foundation.

US authorities seize websites over pirated movies

SG: Treasure trove of vintage Arab film posters hidden in Beirut

Helicopter crashes into Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, crew, 11 passengers rescued

April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

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After Shock posters released

Feng Xiaogang’s latest film is about a mother, played by Xu Fan, who has to choose to save only one of two twin daughters crushed under debris in the Tangshan Earthquake of 1976. A July release is planned (Xinhua)

Zhao Wei’s representative would not confirm reports that the actress was planning to collaborate on Stephen Chow’s Hail the Judge. On her microblog, she wrote that she was looking at a interesting script and had not acted in a comedy in a long time, fueling the rumor.  Zhao Wei has been invited to attend the HKFA awards but, so far, has not responded.. (Xinhua)(HunanTV)

JUST IN: It’s a little ‘tiger girl’! Zhao Wei is reported to have given birth to a baby girl via Caesarean section on Apr.11. News was leaked on a forum when a netizen overheard nurses chatting at her hospital in Singapore. From her agent confirming, “All peace and happiness! Zhao Wei and her family thank you for the blessing”. (HunanTV), (takungpao)

Huayi Brothers issued a statement concerning the ‘Faye Wong’ MV. In fact, the person is Shang Wenjie. She is the French-fluent Super Girl winner from 2006. Both Huayi and her agent were greatly upset at the MV photo leak and hinted at possible criminal complaints. (Xinhua)

Francis Ng: Top actor ready to admit role in bakery attack (Thanks, Valerie)

Jaycee Chan reveals he was often punished as a child

CRI: Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan Sing HK’s Expo Theme Song

Las Vegas - Aaron Kwok’s Reel World Tour


Angelababy (Sina)

Sammi Cheng - Taipei

Sammi Cheng appeared at a press conference with her left eye bandaged. Just prior to the conference to promote her concert, Sammi suffered severe pair and tearing in her eye. After the meeting she rushed to have her eye examined by a doctor who discovered bits of cosmetics causing the irritation. (Sina)

Gaile Lok

Ekin Cheng

Gaile Lok and Ekin Cheng appeared for Sony in Taiwan (Xinhua)

January 7, 2010

January 7, 2010

CRI: Jeon Ji Hyun to Pair up with Ziyi in ‘Snow Flower and the Secret Fan’

CRI: Shooting Ends for “Tangshan Earthquake”

Chinese director Lu Chuan accepts decision to pull film

Maggie Cheung to guest/cameo in Hot Summer Days according to insider reports. This will not mark Maggie’s return to film but rather as a favor to cinematographer/cameraman Sion Michel (Memoirs of a Geisha, The Mummy 3, etc) (HunanTV)

Actor Donnie Yen insures limbs for S$17.9m each

His recent films have done well in the box office and caused his acting fees to skyrocket from 5 million yuan (S$1 million) to 20 million yuan (S$4 million) per film, almost double the 11 million yuan (S$2.2 million) fee Hong Kong star Tony Leung Chiu Wai commands and Heavenly King Andy Lau’s 9 million yuan ($1.8 million) asking price.

Sa Dingding and Donnie Yen officially launch the 14 Blades website in a ceremony yesterday.

Sa Dingding sings the theme song ’Heaven and Earth Together’ for the film . (Sina)

Let The Bullets Fly - Hu Jun

Yao Lu

Li Jing (Xinhua)

Gillian Chung - Former

Opening lens ceremony for Former, produced by Chapman To and directed by Heiward Mak

Boss Albert Yeung

Chapman To

William Chan Wai-Ting

Michelle Wai

Unnamed newcomer Jacky Heung

(Xinhua) (HunanTV) (2) HD (Sina)

Wong Kar-Wai, Zhao Benshan

Zhang Ziyi

Four masters, Wong Kar-Wai, Zhao Benshan, Zhang Ziyi, and Yuen Wo-Ping met in NE Shenyang (Zhao’s base) to ring in the new year and prepare for the upcoming Grand Master. (Xinhua) Slide show (9)(Sina)

Faye Wong taped a greeting for the official Confucius theme song release yesterday (Sina)

Theme Song

Andy Lau: Married life is ordinary

He did not discuss Choo much during the interview but described former co-star Cherie Chung as an ideal wife, the newspaper said.

He starred with her in 1991’s Zodiac Killers, her last film before she married advertising guru Mike Chu and retired from entertainment.

At the time, she did not know how to cook and studied cookbooks on the set, he said.

‘She had a cookbook with her every day and she said, ‘I’m going to be a wife, I should be able to cook’.

Zhang Yimou set to direct Turandot in Taiwan

October 15, 2009

October 15, 2009

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14 Blades - Sexy Kate Tsui

Debut screening scheduled for Golden Rooster

CRI: Golden Rooster Film Fest Opens on a Sour Note

Variety: Astro Boy review

Screen Daily: I Come With The Rain

Feng Xiaogang leading rehearsals

Reprise: Aftershock/Tangshan Earthquake stills

The Keanu Reeves - Tiger Chen Hu martial arts collaboration is back on track. The Li Xiaowan production ‘Kungfu Xia’ is slated to start up this month, likely with multiple directors: Yuen Wo-Ping, Yuen Cheung Yan and Chen Hu. Lucy Liu, a Chen Hu student, is likely to be cast for the North American targeted film. In 2007, Chen Hu and Keanu Reeves scouted locations near Sichuan, especially scenic Mount Emei. Han Sanping is also one of the producers and Keanu Reeves is providing investment. (

October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009

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CRI: Jia Zhangke Helps Korean ‘Flying Duck’

Veteran Chinese actors Jackie Chan and Ge You are also in talks to appear in the picture.

Jackie Chan eyes role in ‘Flying Duck’

Jia Zhangke film described as ‘cross-border bromance’

Mascot Weiwei

70’s era is meticulously recreated

Xu Jiao

Mulan is now in post-production and as the release data approaches stills of the film’s characters are being released. (

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