need help!

need help!

Postby dj haze » Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:37 am

hey guys very new to the forum, but need some expert advice! basically I am a dj and in the process of compiling material for a mixtape. I am an avid fan of asian cinema, mostly the Made in Hong Kong Films, and their soundtracks. The mixtape I am trying to put together is unusual in that I want it to be made up of tunes, melodies and songs from films. I know it sounds weird, but I plan to put extra beats, rythms and vocals on top, i a cut 'n' paste style ( I scratch alot, and I think this style it will all blend together well!). I have been researching mon the net for a while now, and am yet to find a database of movie soundtracks. I have read some previous posts and visited the sites mentioned, but need to find specific soundtracks. God of Gamblers, Moon Warriors, Tiger on the Beat and The barefoot Kid are all soundtracks I am after.
I would greatly appreciate any assitance, and/or suggestionds! needless to say a copy of the finished mixtape will be sent to all those with helpful insight!
sorry for the length of the post but thanks in advance!
dj haze
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