News Links - 9/30/08

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News Links - 9/30/08

Postby dleedlee » Tue Sep 30, 2008 12:14 pm

Media Asia parent hit by credit crunch ... Id=19&cs=1
Markets take a dive in Asia ... id=19&cs=1

Three Dots fired up for 'Lala's Gun' ... id=19&cs=1
Three Dots to fire 'Gun' at Pusan fest ... 7b4de468f7

'Modern Boy': Reinterpretation of Japanese Colonialism? (South Korea)
Image ... 31923.html

Vicki Zhao Wei: "My Interests are my Motivation" ... y-55811738

Further signs of Gillian's rehabilitation?
TV series Spirit of the Sword with Nic Tse and Gillian Chung to be broadcast on Beijing TV beginning on National Day holiday

Former 'Doll' Barbie Hsu Learns All about Fear in Connected

Ng Man-Tat working in mainland TV series

Francis Ng's wife gives birth to a baby boy ... 85708.html

Jay Chou want to work with Brigitte Lin ... 85713.html

Josie Ho attending jewellry event
Image ... 876&ct=pic

Joey Yung plays Atlantic City's Taj Mahal

Gigi Lai attending clothing event
Image ... 7667.shtml
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