News Links - 10/12/08

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News Links - 10/12/08

Postby dleedlee » Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:30 pm

Anthony Wong, Jessey Meng Guang Mei at HKAFF screening of True Women For Sale
Image ... 550&ct=pic

Vanness Wu & Sammo Hung in New Movie "KungFu Chef" + Movie Teaser ... 89269.html ... vie/14888/

Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung promote new generation in 'Wushu' ... 2316.shtml
Sammo Hung Eagerly Awaits Grandchildren

Obituary: Kim Chan
Asian-American character actor in film, TV ... 8563.story

Eason Chan Refuses To Talk About Father

HK's Michael Jackson (Aaron Kwok) Set to Dance
Lynn Xiong Celebrates Birthday With Aaron

Gao Yuanyuan (In Love We Trust), Zhang Yuqi (All Women Not Bad) at Diesel 30th anniversary event
Image ... 1295.shtml

N.B.A. and Partner to Help Build 12 Arenas in China ... ref=slogin

Sex education for first graders in China ... =1#gallery
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