News Links - 10/19/08

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News Links - 10/19/08

Postby dleedlee » Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:03 pm

Tokyo Film Festival Opens with Green Carpet
Red Cliff cast
Stars walk green carpet at Tokyo film festival ... 019a7.html

Renowned Chinese Film Director Xie Jin Dies
Credits included Stage Sisters, Hibiscus Town, Legend of Tianyun Mountain
Xie Jin dead at age 84
Launched careers of Joan Chen, Jiang Wen ... ie-Jin.php

Andew Lau's new film "Hero's Slam" stars Nicholas Tse and Charlene Choi ... 91357.html

Charlene's first time in Brunei, Wu Chun's hometown, to promote Butterfly Lovers ... 90977.html ... 90976.html
Charlene lost luggage upon returning from Denmark ... 90947.html
Image ... 929&ct=pic
Charlene Choi Steers Clear Of Wu Jun
Gillian financial problems?

Butterfly Lovers ... erfly.html
A breath of fresh air for those who like some depth to their entertainment. ... icket.html
Kurosagi (The Black Swindler) ... osagi.html

Interview with Wushu director Anthony Szeto ... wushu.html

Tsui Hark's The Tempest ... rring.html

"The Coffin" based on real Thai ritual

Sandra Ng Will Talk About Anything

Shu Qi for Dom Perignon in Hong Kong
Image ... 105450.jpg ... 105450.jpg ... 105450.jpg ... 0330.shtml
Image ... 921&ct=pic

Tang Wei appears in Beijing event
Shu Qi
Maggie Cheung
Guo jingjing

Eason Chan is very happy upon his father's release ... 90950.html

Jeon Ji Hyun: I've had enough of playing beauties ... 91267.html

Rainie Yang sports new look ... 90941.html
Semi-Mature Rainie Yang

Gigi Lai Visits Sponsored Children

Funeral Affairs
A good farewell for a beloved deceased needs some dedicated people ... neral.html

Exploring Hong Kong’s sample stores ... /#more-467
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Postby Brian Thibodeau » Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:16 pm

Exploring Hong Kong’s sample stores ... /#more-467

Samples. OK, sure. We have lots of "sample stores" here too. And fewer writers convinced that the only fakes are "bad-looking" ones. :lol:
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