News Links - 10/21/08

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News Links - 10/21/08

Postby dleedlee » Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:10 pm

'Mei Lanfang' Premieres Its MV Globally

Deficits mark turbulent year for Universe

Kung Fu Hip Hop - Dumb but fun ... id=31&cs=1

Dada's Dance
Zhang Yuan, Once Banned in China, Plays Safe, Taps Ingenue in Film
Next project '1933' ... refer=asia

Tearful Gigi Lai Announces Retirement

Andy Lau favorite to be first to hold concert in Bird's Nest ... 91963.html

Michelle Reis Wants to get Married after being influenced by Boyfriend ... 91944.html

Tang Wei Appeared in Event, Stole Limelight from Maggie Cheung & Shu Qi ... 91855.html

Gillian Chung's "Disfigured" Face Photo Released

Charlene Choi helped fulfill the wish of a cancer patient ... 91939.html

Actress Gao Yuanyuan in Autumn Style
Ophelia in Hamlet

Film director Xie Jin's funeral to be held in Shanghai ... 225012.htm
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