News Links - 10/23/08

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News Links - 10/23/08

Postby dleedlee » Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:10 pm

Asia Pacific Film Festival cancelled
Jakarta event nixed due to poor attendance ... 94496&cs=1
Economy puts brakes on Asia Pacific festival ... 80d24fff87

Pang brothers sign 10-year deal with HK's Universe
Next film "Child's Eye" to be in 3D

Canadian distributor Evokative grabs "Crying Fist"

Ning Ying: Film director champions China ... 13KR3D.DTL

Beauty Media to Publish Thousands of Chinese Movie Downloads on EZTakes ... &Itemid=50

"Members of the Funeral" (South Korea)
A dysfunctional family's heart of darkness is laid bare

"Chameleon" (Japan)
A master con man and his merry band of collaborators witness the nasty end of political intrigue

The Beast Stalker/Witness press conference photos
Miao Pu, Nic Tse and Zhang Jingchu
Director Dante Lam

"Mei Lanfang" Video Stills Released

Andy Lau to be cast in the sequel for 'The Host'?
Two versions, Chinese and Korean, of sequel to be shot
Korean version of A Moment of Romance to be made ... 92515.html

Joyce Cheng Received critisms and complaints of her acting ... 92517.html

Juno Concerned About New Gillian Photos

Mainland Actress Chen Hao Becomes Ancient Beauty

Everyone Is Hamlet, Gao Yuanyuan is Ophelia

Sam Lee, Nick Cheung, Anthony Wong

Taiwan Pop Stop ... 2003426767

Smuggling syndicate cracked
30,000 computer hard disks, 30,000 LCD screens, 14,000 mobile phones and 3,000 mobile phone circuit boards seized ... 81023&fc=7

White Rabbit Milk Candy Returns to Supermarket Shelves in Beijing

How To Pick Up A Pretty Girl, or
A Lesson in Economics

Xinhua has "the whole truth" on toy factory closures ... _toy_f.php

Child Labor In Wuhan ... od-or-bad/
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