News Links - 10/31/08

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News Links - 10/31/08

Postby dleedlee » Fri Oct 31, 2008 4:35 pm

John Woo takes on China's greatest literary work and a Western audience ... Y12001.htm

'Cape No. 7' up for nine Golden Horses ... 2003427370

Cicakman’s back in Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam
Sharifah Amani plays the character of Iman ... xpull_html

"Waiting in Beijing"
Pretty but no big awards for this effort ... 378845.htm

Sweet Rain
Takeshi Kaneshiro as the grim reaper ... sweet.html
High Noon
From the director of Winds of September ... -high.html
The Magic Hour
From the director of Welcome Back, Mr McDonald ... magic.html
Kim Ki-duk's Dream ... dream.html
Martial arts films and realism really don’t mix.

30 Years of Chinese Cinema

New Year's film 'Happy'directed by A Gan
Cast includes Guo Tao, Tian Yuan, Hai Yitian, Feng Li

Tian Yuan (and secret McCain supporter?)
Guo Tao
Feng Li
Director A Gan
Image ... 9474.shtml

Ekin Cheng and Karena Lam wish to be invited to Oscar ... 94778.html

Michelle Yeoh shooting a new advert
Image ... 150849.jpg ... 150849.jpg ... 150849.jpg ... 0159.shtml

Reel China
Chinese documentaries screened at NYU

Taiwan Pop Stop
Singing, shopping, shooting and sh*tting ... 2003427401

Maggie Poon identified as 3rd party in The Fox Hunt

Viva la Vivian(Chow) ... 96663.html

Michelle Yeoh campaigns for crash helmet use in Vietnam ... se-vietnam

Andy Lau not affected by financial crisis ... 94923.html

Charlene Choi's Journey in Denmark ... 94900.html

Chinese want a piece of movie 'Action!'
Thousands of would-be extras arrive at the gates of Beijing Film Studio each year ... 8874.story

Chinese comics find inspiration in traditional culture ... 271542.htm

Local Cantonese Opera receives new lease of life

Microsoft sued over their malware update in China ... ware_u.php

Crash revives talk of Asia's Bermuda Triangle ... index.html

Barack Obama Targeting Chinese Voters?

Jury concludes death of senior inspector suicide ... r=20081031

Human Flesh Engines Hunt Down "Senior Government Official From Beijing" Who Molested An 11-year-old Girl
Shenzhen Marine Affairs Bureau party secretary caught on video

Avril Lavigne sings in Mandarin ... andari.php

Hong Kong desserts! Part One ... /#more-473
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