News Links - 11/5/08

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News Links - 11/5/08

Postby dleedlee » Wed Nov 05, 2008 2:14 pm

US Court orders film copyright guards in China-made DVD players ... vKrk6A3oAw

Jet Li, Seller of 'Crazy' Dreams
Puts leading roles on hold

Jackie Chan marches on with "Junior Soldiers"

Chen Kaige "Forever Enthralled" by opera star
English title for 'Mei Lan Fang'

"Hua Mulan" to bloom again in China under Jingle Ma

Warner unveils VoD service in China

Beast Stalker/Witness opens Nov.20

All About Women

Fit Lover completed at length of 175 minutes, needs massive re-editing
Story may lose Deng Chao, Fan Wei, Zhang Junning
Karena Lam


Andy Lau, Denise Ho, Andrew Lau announced for Hong Kong Christmas lighting ceremony

Zhang Yimou invited to direct movie version of Jewel in the Palace/Dae Jang-geum

The Champions
Dicky Cheung gets injured by an eagle claw attack ... 96327.html ... uhk-23.jpg

"Drawing Paper" (South Korea) ... s&Id=11296
"Henna" (UAE/China)

Ethan Ruan and Gillian Chung pair up for Taiwan drama series "Bai Quan Nv Wang"
Charlene Choi to star in another Taiwan series ... 96357.html

South Korean erotic film fest restricts women ... UU20081104

"Cape No.7" washes up on China's shores
'Cape No. 7' to open in China
Taiwanese hit gets mainland release ... id=19&cs=1
Chen Yunlin seeks to comprehend Taiwan by viewing Taiwanese film Cape No.7
Chairman of ARATS - Assoc. for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits ... ?id=780065
A Review Of "Cape No. 7"
A mainland Chinese person reviews this movie from Taiwan.

Eight year old dance footage of Zhang Ziyi as Lin Daiyu (Dream of the Red Mansions) found
Image ... 7363.shtml

Albert Yeung says Nic Tse must wait until at least 2012 before leaving EEG

Zhang Denies Faye Comeback Statement ... statement/

Son in Edison photos row jailed for credit card scams ... 81105&fc=4

Jessey Meng Guangmei Graces Bride Magazine

Hu Jing on Cover of a Malaysian Fashion Mag

Cold case: Arsenic killed Chinese emperor, reports say
Image ... index.html ... garden.php

Underage gymnast takes the costume prize ... ostume.php
The M In M-Car Is For Mao ... or_mao.php

Funny And Clever Chinese “Shanzhaiâ€
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