News Links - 11/14/08

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News Links - 11/14/08

Postby dleedlee » Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:34 pm

Faye Wong to divorce? ... 00725.html

'God of Songs' Jacky Cheung Feels Pain of Investment Losses
Eric Tsang also a big loser

Wong Jing in hot soup with his "Kung Fu Sweetheart"

Sneak View of 2nd Half of 'Red Cliff'

It's All about the Real Mei Lanfang: Director
Mei Lan Fang posters
Image ... 356263.htm

"Once Upon a Time in Seoul" (``Boys Don't Cry'' )
Postwar Pain Made Into Bad Melodrama ... 34356.html

Feng Xiaogang wins celebrity endorsement lawsuit ... awsuit.php

Paul Chun still looking fit at 63
Image ... 490&ct=pic

Tony Leung dressed as student to support Miao Miao premiere in Taiwan
Image ... 485&ct=pic

Gong Li
Fan Bingbing
Zhang Jingchu
Yuan Quan
Qin Hailu

Xu Zheng and Jacqueline Lu Li/Li Xiao-Lu
Image ... 9649.shtml

Versace China Debut, Auction for Charity
Jessey Meng Guan-Mei, Kitty Zhang Yuqi
ImageImage ... 355738.htm

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival turns spotlight on local film industry ... Item=46097

China's Youku pacts for 1,000 TV series ... 4dad59354e

Pessimism abounds in Hong Kong ... b49dfc2a2d

PTU Blue Berets to turn 50 in style ... 81114&fc=8

Jackie Chan's Olympic memories ... ithdrawal/
Jackie's blog ... .html?tj=1

Lunar New Year TV Gala to Feature Olympic Icons

Feng Shui master's relationship with Nina Wang 'intimate' ... r=20081114
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