News Links - 11/15/08

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News Links - 11/15/08

Postby dleedlee » Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:51 pm

Part Two of "Red Cliff" to Premiere in Jan.

Barbie Hsu film "My So Called Love"
Scenes reported stolen requiring reshoot ... 99679.html

To Be Young is To Be Free: Wayne Wang's Princess of Nebraska ... tID=100589

2008 Reel Asian Film Festival fails to impress
The Drummer, West 32nd, Hansel and Gretel ... m-festival

Top 10 most feminine male stars in the industry ... 99533.html

APA Top Ten: Social Change in Asian Film ... tID=100714

(Scarily boney) Maggie Cheung - no marriage plans yet
ImageImage ... 361233.htm

Carina Lau
ImageImage ... 355857.htm

Hong Kong's version of Jewel in the Palace cast ... 99639.html

Nancy Sit Undergoes Surgery ... 99681.html

It's a working Christmas for Andy Lau ... 99550.html

Mr. Magician in need of new tricks
Jay Chou needs some new tricks to keep center stage ... tID=100656

Ekin Cheng returns to the music industry after 4 years ... 99503.html

Chinese stars become global citizens ... =2526&cs=1

Electric Car Made of Bamboo
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