News Links - 11/26/08

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News Links - 11/26/08

Postby dleedlee » Wed Nov 26, 2008 2:35 pm

The Beast Stalker premiere
Nic Tse
Nick Cheung denies wife Esther Kwan pregnant again ... 03177.html
Patrick,Nic Tse
Zhang Jingchu
Image (more)

Derek Yee, Alan Mak and Felix Chong casts new film (lit. Intercepting Wind and Cloud)
Lau Ching-Wan, Zhang Jingchu <3, Louis Koo, Alex Fong, Daniel Wu
CIB investigages insider trading - ripped from today's headlines!
Image (video)
Chan Wai-Ting, Sharon Luk/
Alan Mak, Felix Chong

"Desire of the Heart" opens with a respectable $2.9M weekend

Image ... 381061.htm

"Crush and Blush" (south Korea)
Black comedy runs out of steam at halfway mark

Feng Xiaogang’s New Film is still a Comedy ... -a-comedy/

Japanese idols set for English-language "Lost Memory"

Xinhua lines up China-U.S. co-production

Chungking Express ... =1023&cs=1

Michelle Reis' First Public Appearance after Wedding
Chang Chen and new bride Michelle Reis in Hong Kong for lighting ceremony

Eight house rules for Michele Reis!
I do... agree to abide by these rules

Reis' family is not entitled to any allowances after they accept her dowry of HK$1 billion (S$19.5 million)
Unless absolutely necessary, she should not stay overnight with her family
She has to serve tea to her elders during festivals
She has to eat dinner at home at least twice a week
She should not appear in the media unless absolutely necessary
She should not attract too much media attention
She should dress and behave more conservatively
The couple should not behave intimately in public

Lin Chi-Ling directs her first MV for newcomer Queen

JJ Lin and Charlene Choi
Closer than average friends ... 03498.html

Image ... 407786.htm
William, Charlene Choi and Chen Wei for Nokia
Image ... 877/1.html
Ah Sa is concentrating on her career ... 03182.html

Veteran Ng Kwan Lai Admits to Being a Fan of Eason ... 03184.html

Aaron Kwok promoting New Year's concert in Guangzhou
Image ... 295/1.html

Lui Fong talks about past relationship with Carol Cheng ... 03308.html

Lao Xu (Xu Jinglei) Boasts Soap Opera Life

Unauthorized biography: Zhang Yimou will sue author and publisher
Image ... 412731.htm

Bae Doo-na Promotes Seoul in Photo Book
(Note her Karena Lam-ish dress. My dress is by Hefty!) ... 03319.html

Sassy Rose, Feisty Rose, Wild Wild Rose
Perry Chiu adapts Grace Chang's '60s classic for stage ... 60/1/.html

China's Shaolin Temple kicks off expansion plan ... UI20081126

Cop Killer Yang Jia Executed

Laid off workers riot in Guangdong
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Postby ewaffle » Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:34 am

Bae Doo-na Promotes Seoul in Photo Book
(Note her Karena Lam-ish dress. My dress is by Hefty!) ... 03319.html

A trend that one hopes will run its course very quickly.
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