News Links - 12/4/08

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News Links - 12/4/08

Postby dleedlee » Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:46 pm

'The Warlords' and 'Cape No.7' vie for Golden Horse ... 86/1/.html
Jet Li eyes top acting prize at Chinese Oscars ... review.php

"Chaser" runs away with Korea Film Awards

"Dada's Dance" waltzes to Sundance

Hong Kong's Film Development Council is to launch a publicity campaign featuring 33 of the territory's up and coming directors

Read my lips-China again orders no lip-synching ... LG20081204
China: No lip-synching in year's biggest TV show ... nching.php

Jackie Chan: Will donate everything to society ... 05384.html

Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun at "Painted Skin" Taiwan Premiere
'Painted Skin' Taipei premiere; Vicki Zhao & Zhou Xun miss Taiwan food ... 05362.html

All Women Not Bad
Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Mei Lanfang
Zhang Ziyi
Image ... 8898.shtml
'Forever Enthralled' Leon Lai in Wax

Zhang Ziyi premieres new epic "Forever Enthralled" ... 1904.shtml

China's Chen eyes comeback in biopic of opera star ... anfang.php

The many faces of Zhou Xun ... 36/1/.html

Lunar New Year's comedy 'Happy'
Huang Bo
Miao Pu
Image ... 8795.shtml

Wong Kar-Wai visits set of Beggar So
WKW and Jay Chou
Secretly enlisting Yuan Woo-Ping and Jay for his Yip Man film?

Jia Zhangke, Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Nantes Film Festival
Jia's Short film Ten Years
Zhao Tao, Yu Entai
Image ... 9226.shtml

Miriam Yeung And Louis Koo designed scarf for fund raising ... 05136.html

Miriam's return after three years absence draws media scrutiny ... 9200.shtml

Taiwan Blockbuster "Cape" Could Miss Mainland's Spring Festival Film Season
Taiwan leader urges China to screen Japan-themed film ... 05342.html
Taiwan hopeful for Chinese release of hit Japan-themed movie ... 41/1/.html

TVB's The Gem Of Life offends mainland netizens

Jolin Tsai move to Warner bumps Vivian Hsu as Big Sister ... 05135.html

Bona Group set for capital injection
Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bain to buy into China film firm Poly Bona ... ZI20081203 ... YX20081203

Jet Li: China ready for volunteerism 'explosion' ... Jet-Li.php

Award winning artistes may not get re-contract with TVB ... bb342.html

What Jane Wants

Jade Liu (Super Girl contestant) involved in drunk fighting
She became rowdy but her companions could not dissuade her until a male friend came forth and taught her a lesson. Her head bleed and had to be stitched. ... bb342.html

News report on Obama's half-brother Mark Ndesandjo in Shenzhen, China ... ther_m.php

H is for Hong Kong ... eth-briel/
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