News Links - 12/8/08

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News Links - 12/8/08

Postby dleedlee » Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:21 pm

If You Are The One poster

Zhang Yimou will take the post of honorary director of Guangxi Motion Picture Studio

Wu Jing's Wolf Gang (Legendary Assassin) premiered in Hong Kong ... 3362.shtml

All About Women Taipei premiere (10)
Zhou Xun, Kwai Lun-Mei
Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Tsui Hark
Eddie Pang, Godfrey Gao


Storm Warriors (Storm Riders 2) press conference in Beijing
Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng
Tiffany Tang Yan
Oxide, Danny Pang
'Storm Warriors' Coming after 'Riders'

"Ong Bak 2" smashes its way to No.1

Shining Sirens of Shanghai's Silver Screen
Hu Die / Butterfly Wu

From Beijing With Love
Stephen Chow's Traci Lords Conneciton

Maggie Cheung in Beijing (4)
ImageImage ... 3782.shtml

Stanley Fung in 2009 film Bian Shen Qi Yue starring Wallace Huo (14)
Wallace Huo, Yao Xingtong
Director Xiao Xu

Rain vs Jeon Ji-hyeon comes back through Hollywood in March ... 06491.html

Han Go-eun goes to Hollywood?, ... 06725.html

China's self-defeating Oscar battle ... 1117996974
China fights up-hill battle for Oscar glory

China´s film industry administration unified ... 1604.shtml

China clears exhibition path for 3-D films

Fan Bingbing new drama starts, waited 10 months for Zai Zai
Anthony Wong's role reduced ... 06766.html visits the set of Future Cop ... 06938.html

Andy Lau could be ungrateful at times? ... 06936.html

Zhao Wei's after-awards hotpot ... 06946.html

Sammi Cheng, ex-boyfriend Andy Hui and Denise Ho rehearse for upcoming concert

Kelly Chen, Leo Ku Portraits Used as Funeral Parlor Advertisements ... 06973.html ... bb342.html

Chen Hao on celebrity dance contest program
Image ... 4528.shtml

Leehom Wang ditches old love (Shu Qi !?) for Japanese babe; insists on acting and directing MV ... 06680.html

Eddie Peng doesn’t want to be the First Brother of Idol Dramas ... 06664.html

Jennifer Tse is making her own Christmas present for Lucas ... 06414.html

TVB to stop shooting Music Videos to help with finances ... 06819.html

Survival drama at ATV ... con_type=1
Top executives resign from ATV

China Beat
Popular Music of 30 years (I)
Chinese Popular Music of 30 years (II)

Finally the M8 China iClone due for release next week ... ue_for.php

HK Girl Wins 1st 'Miss Asia by Public Vote'
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