News Links - 12/9/08

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News Links - 12/9/08

Postby dleedlee » Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:41 pm

New Lady Cop & Papa Crook poster with new Chinese title

If You Are the One

'Forever Enthralled' Cleans up at Box Offices
Image ... 170126.jpg

"All About Women" Premieres in Hong Kong

If You Are The One press conference
Shu Qi envies recent marriage of Carina Lau, Michele Reis and Kelly Chen
Shu Qi, Feng Xiaogang

Eason Chan in full English language Strawberry Cliff
Eason Chan, Eric Tsang, Gigi Leung, Karena Lam, Andy Hui and others attended the 2008 HKFD Christmas Reception ... 07178.html

A Face, B Face mainland film about psychopath and mental health
Daniel Chan Hiu-Tung, Wang Luoyang also cast

Zhang Jingchu

Yuan Wenkang, Deng Jiajia
ImageImage ... 6917.shtml

Charlene Choi performs sexy dance on Shanghai dance program (16)


Carina Lau for Swarovski crystal (12)

Anita Yuen filming TV drama ... 07175.html

Barbie admitted to have feelings when shooting Future Cops with Andy ... 07159.html

Da S / Barbie Hsu takes up post as ambassador of COTTON USA ... 07127.html

Edison Chen and his nude shots are Yahoo’s most searched for ... 07148.html

Charlene Choi, Karen Mok at music awards show

Costumes Unveiled for Opera 'Red Cliff'

30th anniversary of Deng Xiaopeng's Opening and Reform celebrated on Dec. 12
CCTV to broadcast '1978-2008 Our Silver Screen Memories'
Ge You, Li Bingbing, Xu Fan, Zhao Wei among featured guests

Zhang Ziyi - Hot Now!
Featured on Vogue's Taiwan edition

Beijing Police Patrol on Harley Motorcycles

Further Fan-slation needed :D
Vivian Chow's boyfriend of 19 years in lengthy lip lock (and grasp and grope) with a young beauty, a Gaile Lai look-alike
(The boyfriend Ni Zhen is the son of writer Ni Kuang?)
Image ... 6804.shtml
The young lady?
Image ... 8002.shtml ... 7613.shtml

Ocean Park panda attack on keeper caught on film (no video link) ... -film.html
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