News Links - 12/15/08

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News Links - 12/15/08

Postby dleedlee » Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:30 pm

Two Dragonball Evolution posters

Shaw Bros may be privatized
Run Run Shaw May Offer to Buy Out Family Film Company ... refer=home

Toho unveils bumper 2009 line up

China's film industry in retrospective
30 years of opening-up and reform ... 940111.htm

Fan Bingbing On Way to Hollywood?
Spotted dining with Oliver Stone in Beijing

Ip Man" Grabs 1.4 Million Yuan on First Day
Donnie Yen, even more charming than Li Mubai/Chow Yun-Fat in CTHD

All About Women: Sex and the Chinese city ... 952732.htm
All About Women - Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Image ... 460970.htm

Muses in Tsui Hark films ... 3431.shtml

"If You Are The One" Premieres

If You Are the One premiere celebration in Hangzhou (!)
Vivan Hsu
With Wang Baoqiang
MiuMiu latest 'Feng' girl?
ImageImage (more) (more)
Image ... 48809.html

The Horsemen with Zhang Ziyi

Police Tactical Unit: Fellow Officers to open Jan. 8
Maggie Siu and Simon Yam

Taiwan hit film Cape No.7 may air in China around Christmas ... g=eng_news
Taiwanese hit to hit Beijing screens soon ... ntID=70043

Getting Blurry Over Blu
Chungking Express and The Last Emperor through Blu-Rayed lenses ... tID=102106

Emperor and pals stole some limelight in movie golden age
Jin Yan, the "Emperor of Cinema" ... ure&page=0
hkmdb entry: ... ay_set=eng

Andy Lau's Singapore Concert Brings High Energy Performance On and Off Stage ... bb342.html
Carol Zhu Liqian brought children to support Andy ... 09220.html

Eric Tsang's entertainment business fails ... 09265.html ... bb342.html

APA Top Ten: Western Films about Asia ... tID=102108

APA Top Ten: Holiday Songs from Asia ... tID=102066

Karena Lam anti-drugs appearance
Image ... 501576.htm

Aaron Kwok concert in Taiwan
Image ... 501301.htm
Image (more)
Aaron Kwok shows off his abs in Taiwan concert ... 09197.html

Jennifer Tse Will Check On Cecilia's 'Pregnancy'

Charlene says “Twins will always exist!â€
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Postby Brian Thibodeau » Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:33 am

The kiss of deaf - Chinese man ruptures girlfriend's eardrum 8) (Colbert did a funny bit about this last Thursday) ... SPEK327578

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