News Links - 12/22/08

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News Links - 12/22/08

Postby dleedlee » Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:58 pm

Director eyes pop singer Jay Chou to star as Bruce Lee
Wilson Yip also considering Aaron Kwok ... 343d7.html

Gong Li in kimono offends more Chinese feelings


ImageImage ... 5110.shtml ... rs-bazaar/ (more)
Gong Li Covers "Harper's Bazaar" ... 5110.shtml

'Crazy Stone' Director Offers New Year's Film
'Silver Medalist' Ning Hao's new offering

Movie Tells Chinese Robot Story
Jeff Lau's Kungfu Robot

"Sorasoi" (Japan)
A delightfully goofy summer-camp comedy

Obituary: Park Kwang-jung

Wu Jing credentials challenged by Wing Chun school in Hong Kong while promoting Legendary Assassin
Claims Yip Man is disrespected, insulted in Youtube video
Wu Jing's authenticity questioned, HK$500K charity challenge match proposed
$100000 plus $400000 if Wing Chun loses
Image ... 5762.shtml
Image ... 931/1.html
Deemed insufferably arrogant When asked about Yip Man, Wu Jing replied, What is Yip Man
Wu Jing accused of disrespecting Ip Man ... 11044.html ... bb342.html
Wu Jing responds

If You Are The One stirs Chinese theatres ... 1978.shtml
Feng Xiaogang's new movie hits cinemas ... 5891.shtml

Zhang JiZhong finishes filming Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre series
Scenic Mt Wudang environment cleaned up
Image ... 532544.htm

Ah Sa busy in Chengdu with the musical, Gillian took control of buying goods on sales ... 10876.html

Nancy Sit's a survivor ... 66/1/.html

Lin Chi-ling seen wearing an engagement ring ... 10898.html

Gao Yuanyuan in black and white
Image ... #more-3186 (more)

Carina Lau and Aaron Kwok in Guangzhou

Zhang Zilin - Miss World 2007
Carina dwarfed by Zhang Zilin
Image ... 6126.shtml

Ispy: Tony Leung with mother and elders out to dinner in Happy Valley
Image ... 143000.jpg ... 6785.shtml

Jacky Cheung guests for A-Mei in Hong Kong concert


Image (more)

Gigi Leung still good friend with Ekin Cheng after seven years together
Image ... 6302.shtml

Michelle Ye Films Hollywood Movie (Johnnie To's Vengeance); No Longer Filming Series ... 10615.html

Michelle Ye appears in elegance; 'Lady Cop Papa Crook' anticipated ... 10609.html
Michelle Ye ends small screen with grace; full concentration on big screen ... 10606.html

Hu Ge Finds His Role in Life after Car Crash ... 10714.html

Joe Nieh speculated to marry Vivian Chow on Jan 5 ... bb342.html

Miffty Zhang Mao now a school drop out, popular web search item
Entertainment industry beckons
Image ... 932/1.html

Teen trio get bail after glass rains down on street ... con_type=1
Cop injured in car chase drama ... 81222&fc=1

Belatedly, China spreads word about HIV prevention ... 1715.story

Chinese internet porn sensation detained by police ... 325091.htm
Background on the Kappa Girl ... girl-nsfw/

China's first face transplant recipient dead ... ranspl.php
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