News Links - 12/26/08

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News Links - 12/26/08

Postby dleedlee » Fri Dec 26, 2008 3:38 pm

Looking For A Star poster
Jan. 26 release scheduled

Andy Lau and Shu Qi
Image ... 556287.htm

"Look for A Star" to Open on Spring Festival

First trailer of Looking For A Star ... 12191.html

'Red Cliff II' to Premiere Earlier than Planned

Mainland artists allowed to travel to Taiwan film in John Woo's 1949
Filming to begin in June with (?)Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Fengyi (unclear whether they are actually cast or not)
Taiwan relaxed restrictions on number of mainland actors, limit increased from two to five

Cape of gold
Taiwanese filmmaker Wei Te Sheng struck gold with Cape No.7.
Tanaka is set to appear in another Taiwanese romantic flick titled Sumimasen, Love early next year ... sec=movies

'Romantic Island' Loses Spark (south Korea) ... 36732.html

Ning Hao's Silver Medalist ('Crazy Racer')
Huang Bo
Xu Zheng

Top 10 Movies of 2008

4 1/2 hour Tojo drama starring Takeshi Kitano broadcast on Christmas eve ... 12143.html

Tiffany Tang Yan - Storm Warriors
Image ... 3988.shtml

Future Cop's Tang Yi-Fei
Image ... 4045.shtml (more)

10 best single-film DVDs of 2008
Chungking Express, Irma Vep and Woman on the Beach ... 9094.story

Tony Leung kisses Carina Lau; romantic wedding album revealed ... 12137.html
Image ... 4694.shtml

Gigi Leung's 2009 Taiwan calendar
Image (more)

Zhou Xun orchid representative
Image ... 556791.htm

Jackie Chan's illegitimate daughter is tall and thin; appears in Hong Kong with her mother ... 12214.html

Nic Tse advert
Image ... 561155.htm
Vivian and Joe seen holding hands together to a X'mas Eve party ... 11846.html
Image ... 555914.htm

Charlene Choi invites Gillian Chung for one day trip to Taiwan ... 11747.html

Former Japanse AV star Ai Iijima found dead at Tokyo apartment ... 11701.html ... bb342.html
ImageImage ... 555679.htm ... 555931.htm ... 555696.htm
Police say Iijima was dead 1 week before body was found ... 12065.html

Shenzhen Bay
Groundbreaking drama shows mainlanders escaping across the border to Hong Kong

Indie online film from Wang Xiaofeng

Taiwan Pop Stop ... 2003432142

Snark attack
Xiao S (hostand sister of Barbie Hsu/Da S) talked about Zhang Ziyi being late: It's such a bother when celebrities are tardy ... 11982.html

Ispy: Jackie Chan with bodyguard in NYC shopping on Christmas EVe
Image ... 2690.shtml

Southern Weekly's bridal calendar
Image (more)

M.C. Jin puts a smile on party-goer’s faces! ... /#more-503

40 Years and Counting - Fong Fei Fei Continues to Amaze ... bb342.html

Photos: Yao Ming vs Yi Jianlian in New Jersey
The I Heart China gang was there in full force ... anlian.php

Chinese basketball clubs fined

Customer Asks Huge Compensation from ASUS
Extortion and counter claims on laptop maker

Toxic melamine is suspected in seafood from China ... 7706.story

180,000 Chongqinq citizens gather for Christmas Eve and Set 'Jinisi Record'
"mindless celebration of Christmas is an risible and absurd act"

The Most Beautiful Female "Lei Feng"
An act of kindness captured on video

Happy Boxing Day!
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Postby Brian Thibodeau » Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:43 pm

6 go on trial for selling tainted melamine: ... 08.article
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