News Links - 1/3/09

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News Links - 1/3/09

Postby dleedlee » Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:04 pm

Sammi Cheng
Back with a bang ... sec=movies

Frozen Flower tops Korean box office ... 14260.html

Michelle Yeoh - an all-action heroine ... on-heroine

Look For Star opens Jan. 26
Shu Qi and Andy Lau
Image ... 5745.shtml

Parking opens in Hong Kong Jan. 8
Chang Chen and Kwan Lun-Mei
Image ... 596437.htm

CNN ready to offend again with another list! :)
15 movies for geeks in 2009 ... index.html
Jeon Ji-hyun has the geeks excited ... 14503.html

More lists
Best of 2008: (Not so) Guilty Pleasures ... tID=102523

Best of 2008: Asian American Films ... tID=102525

Best of 2008: Taiwanese Films ... tid=102512

Best of 2008: Asian Films ... tid=102510

Best of 2008: Ten Best Film Moments ... tid=102511

2009: Ah Sa will have many opportunities - interview ... 14548.html

Ispy: Gillian Chung shopping for dancing shoes

Nic Tse international marathon ambassador at Xiamen
Image ... 5876.shtml

Mainland money bounces idol from Taiwan series Summer Bubbles ... 14580.html

77 year old Lee Heung Kam's skin looks 27 ... 14343.html

Punk Chan (The Warlords) to compose music for the soundtrack of the film “Kingdom of Solomonâ€
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Re: News Links - 1/3/09

Postby Bearserk » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:15 pm

dleedlee wrote:CNN ready to offend again with another list! :)
15 movies for geeks in 2009 ... index.html
Jeon Ji-hyun has the geeks excited ... 14503.html

Fanboys - Seems like it can be some cheap fun. And the scene with Shatner in the trailer was hilarious :lol:

Coraline - Looked rather boring, or maybe it is just me that is getting to old.

Blood: The Last Vampire - Unable to find a trailer for this one, but I get a bad vibe by looking at the images supposedly from the movie here.

Watchmen - Maybe the movie the I am anticipating the most this year. Great comic and what I have seen so far from the trailers have me in high hopes :)

Dragonball : Evolution - Holy, did this one look like crap :shock: One I without doubt is going to pass up on.

X-Men - Wolverine - I have enjoyed the X-men movies to some degree, but this one just didn't seem to cut, might have to check it out though being a long time marvel fan :)

Star Trek XI - It's sad to see where they have taken the Star Trek franchise these days, seems to be all about pretty CGI and action and horrible scripts :cry:

Terminator Salvation - This one however seems like it can get the terminator movies up and going again after the rather horrible last movie.

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen - Have just seen small bits from the first one, and I am probably not going to see much more from this one.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Really looking forward to watching this one. Hopefully it will be just as entertaining as the others :)

GI Joe: Rise of Cobra - Couldn't find much about this one, but it is not one I have high hopes for, nor anticipate.

Astro Boy - Not much to be seen in the teaser, but it might turn out ok.

Witchblade - This I actually have some hope for. The series that was running for just 2 seasons was great, as long as you can get through the pilot which is rather horrible. Frist season is fantastic. So I will cross my fingers and hope they can bring along some of the magic from the first season in the series to the movie.

Inkheart - Looks ok enough judging from the trailers. Might have to check this one out :)

Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li - Might turn out to be some cheap fun :)
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Re: News Links - 1/3/09

Postby Brian Thibodeau » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:57 pm

Bearserk wrote:Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li - Might turn out to be some cheap fun :)

STREET FIGHTER has a few Hong Kong mainstays in it, to boot: Cheng Pei-pei, Edmund Chen, Josie Ho, Robin Shou. Updated some of their bios a few days ago. ;) (now if only we could add such info to their filmographies etc. etc. etc. )
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