News Links - 1/10/09

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News Links - 1/10/09

Postby dleedlee » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:48 pm

Look For A Star


New posters for Look For A Star ... 16533.html
Andy Lau and Shu Qi record radio drama ... 16531.html
Andy Lau, with Shu Qi and Denise Ho

ImageImage ... 634115.htm

North Koreans hooked on South Korean-made film and TV drama DVDs

Feng sets China boxoffice milestone
'If You Are the One' pushes director past $146 mil ... d20a1eeddd

Shooting movie takes stab at Taiwan ex-president

"Chandni Chowk To China"
Deepika Padukone painted three shades lighter for Chinese look ... 090931.htm
Chequered Chinese
Stereotyping of the unflattering kind has been the lot of the ‘Chinaman’ in Bollywood ... e.html?h=B
No Chinese premiere for 'Chandni Chowk To China' ... 100924.htm

‘Sumimasen, Love’ (Sorry, I Love You)
Chie Tanaka's new film premieres ... 16562.html

Miriam Yeung Filming in Beijing
Plays swordswoman ... 16528.html

Charlene Choi plays taxi driver in Taiwan idol drama Calling Big Star ... 16434.html
Charlene Choi shooting advert on man-made beach in Guangzhou due to turmoil in Thailand
Image ... 622889.htm

DVD REVIEW: Ping Pong Playa
Cross-Cultural Comedy about Aspiring Asian-American Hoop Star Comes to DVD
Ping Pong Playa

A Look Back at 2008: Asian Americans in Hollywood ... 3937e87629

S.H.E. to perform for Hon Hai Precision’s Year End Gala ... 16402.html

Guess who this is!
Image ... #more-3844

Bird nest smuggling ring busted in Shenzhen ... _buste.php

Chinese Zoo Accused of Abusing Tai Shan’s Grandma
(aka Butterstick, beloved DC-born panda, nicknamed for his size and shape at birth)
The article mixes up into one the geography of Shenzhen and Sichuan, though. ... s-grandma/
Panda cam 1 and 2 ... fm?cam=LP2
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