A 2011 House Cleaning

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A 2011 House Cleaning

Postby bkasten » Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:58 am

After seeing some of the activities while I was away, I have decided that a major shakeup is definitely in order for the upcoming year:

1) All DB Editors have had their privileges revoked. Privileges will be reinstated on a case by case basis. Contact me if you wish to be reinstated. You can also contact me if you have not been an Editor and wish to be.

2) The forum will remain locked for at least a number of days while I determine how best to re-arrange it. Henceforth, it will serve largely as a means to facilitate changes to the database. It will not be used as a platform to editorialize about the development of this website. Waste someone else's resources; not mine.

3) The HKMDB does not exist to meet the perceived needs of those that contribute (Editors/Reviewers/Contributors), nor is the administrator of this website specifically here to further meet those needs. The database stands, as is, and its future course of development, or otherwise, will be determined by said administrator. Participation is voluntary.

4) Further participation in applying changes to the DB will require a thorough understanding of #3. It will also require the ability to communicate, and conduct oneself in a civilized fashion.

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