ID Me: New Castpage: The Lawman (1979)

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ID Me: New Castpage: The Lawman (1979)

Postby heinz Germany » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:12 pm ... ay_set=eng
Something went wrong and now I need to delete some pictures doubles ... ay_set=eng ... ay_set=eng ... ay_set=eng
plus: ... ay_set=eng

And I like to create The "actor" 血滴子 - which is no real person, but the Flying Guillotine, since I want to create
a list of all movies which have this mystical weapon, but I know that is "against all rules or odds" - maybe I can recall
about 15 movies and actually there might be even more I never watched. Still I want provide pictures of them.
Anyhow I have no great hope somebody likes that idea and says: "if we allow this, then we can't forbid that..."
The lawman has that weapon too - see last picture...
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Re: ID Me: New Castpage: The Lawman (1979)

Postby bkasten » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:26 pm

As a one-off, I do not have a problem with this concept, and your doing this in this case. So proceed.

But in general, things like this need to be reviewed on a case by case basis before we get too carried away. In which case, I might be willing to consider adding "special objects" (e.g., legendary/mythical weapons or other things) as a category to the database...if a good case for for doing so can be made.

But let's table the matter for now and bring it up for later discussion.
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Re: ID Me: New Castpage: The Lawman (1979)

Postby Michael Kistner » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:51 am

Tagged a few images.

Tagged not Tieh Meng-Chiu because many images look like him 8)

To bkasten: not forget to delete the double images.
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Re: ID Me: New Castpage: The Lawman (1979)

Postby Oliver Sodemann » Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:54 am


just saw this toppic, not going through all toppics regularly.

Is this cast page a new one, recently done?
Or just a revised?

Maybe I am privileged, being a grafic designer and working
with image editing nearly everyday. Meaning I own a scanner,
and I work with an image editing program, Photoshop. Nowadays,
Photoshop has become known, I think.

So, if an editor does not own and can afford a scanner or
does not have access to an image editing programm, be it Photoshop
or something else, please forget the following:

I would really like to see better image qualities here
regarding the portraits as screenshots.

I do not understand why they are distorted,
or why there is no caring about making them undistorted
and better – which is possible.

I do not understand why contrasts or other things cannot
be corrected by editors, these are rather simple, very often
automatic procedures that come with a program.

So what I see is very often unattractive for a visitor.
A gallery of rather sloppy images (as the emphasis is still
on screenshot portraits). – I yesterday visited the image gallery
of RIGHT OVERCOMES MIGHT. Why was there not one
portrait in the gallery? Is it really necessary to do a cast
page with well-known actor showing screenshots of them?
I would understand that if they would show the unidentified
ones so that others seeing them could help out. But most
of the cast is certain and confirmed. In my opinion no
screenshots needed anymore.

I am really committed and dedicated to what I do here,
wanting to deliver more accurate stuff for the galleries,
but maybe simply because I have the technology and some kind of experience,
to upload images that I have corrected in many ways and that are thus
worth it. There are maybe just five tools to use with that you can really
edit an image for the much better.

3.) Please see my recent editor's post about "captions":
I plead for not uploading blind stuff but commenting it,
so one gets an info about what it is.

@ Heinz Germany: These scans out of mags (like "Movie Story")
that you upload very often, do you get them from somebody else,
or do you scan them by yourself?

In both cases, I would like to have the info in the caption
about the mags number and year. Especially if you scan them
by yourself, this info would be no problem, I think.
Or don't you have this info because you collect these images
somewhere from the internet?

For me complete scans of pages from mag only make sense,
if they are commented what source this is. If not, everything
else besides the two or three pictures on a completely scanned
mag page is somehow superflous. Meaning: I would cut the images
and make single ones of them for uploading separately. Including setting
them straight if needed – which is necessary with nearly every internet
find as most of them are just photographed posters etc., not scanned
ones. So that in the end you would have a separate images showing
scenes from a movie which you also could caption with the actor's
names. – But I understand that not everybody has the time
for it or the technical options. (That is why I do not cast pages
because I would not like to spend time with that, and rather
love uploading and editing rare stills and writing reviews,
at least for some selected movies.)

Oliver Sodemann
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Re: ID Me: New Castpage: The Lawman (1979)

Postby heinz Germany » Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:51 am

Hi, some quick replies, as I have not much time left now:

1) no revised page of course... But I am glad, if somebody feels inspired to offer a better version,
but if nobody steps foreward it's better than nothing IMO (though I know Oliver thinks opposite)

2) I only have a cheap scanner, no professional picture editing software and not the knowledge
(professional background) neither the desire to spent more time and money for that matter,
since my wife wouldn't agree to do so (even she is Chinese her tolerance for my hobby is very limited)
I won't purchase anything (better equipment: soft- or hardware) only for provide better quality for HKMDB - sorry!

3) In the past (say starting from 2005 maybe up to 2010) I often found some 'interesting' stuff at
worldwide eBay auctions and added them to movies If we only had very few or none pictures to get
a better impression of how is the movie or to provide some more information / data.
(Actually I feel better if the movie has a poster, cover or some pictures to get an idea how he might look like)

And recently I spent lots of time with my movie magazine collection and added some stuff to movies.
As for my magazines articles I won't scan those, when the movie pages has plenty of pictures allready
except the picture provides something new / unknown/ different - which might attract some fans.....
But I won't search again the magazine numbers for You now, because that's much too time consuming only
to satisfy one very demanding person... But in case of further uploads I will pay more attention to Your demands.
Anyhow I won't cry if somebody comes across with better scans, telling myself that I inspired the whole thing.

Once I am dead all those fan-magazines might be thrown away and thus some articles might survive somehow...
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