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Far East Motion Picture Company

  The Storminess (1949)
  Song on a Rainy Night (1950)
  To See the Clouds Roll (1950)
  Twenty Four Hours of Marriage (1950)
  Modern Wives (1951)
  When Roses Bloom (1951)
  Mist-Cloaked Hong Kong (1952)
  Gone to the Dogs (1952)
  A Songstress Called Hong Lingyan (1953)
  New West Chamber (1953)
  The Idiot Earl (1959)
  The Tender Trap of Espionage (1960)
  The Furnace of Heavenly Fire (1965)
  Romance of the Sword (1966)
  Affection (1966)
  Song of Happiness (1967)
  The Brutal Boxer (1972)
  The Thunder Kick (1973)
  Bloody Ring (1973)
  The Chinese Tiger (1974)
  Heavenly Beauty (1954)