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Feiying Film Company

Flying Eagle Studio Co.
  The Blundering General (1950)
  Wife in the Morning, Sister-in-Law at Night (1952)
  All Acquaintances Are Single (1953)
  A Buddhist Recluse for 14 Years (1953)
  The Mad Monk by the Sea (1953)
  The Story of Li Xian (1960)
  Dik Ching the Hero (1961)
  A Story of Love and Revenge (1962)
  The Dragon Lady (1963)
  The Blood-Stained Butterfly Dart (1963)
  I Want My Country and My Wife Back (1963)
  The Red Robe (1965)
  A Gifted Scholar and a Beautiful Maid (1967)
  The Flying Dragon Dagger (1968)