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Dai Tung Trading Co.

(HKFA) Universal Trading Co.
  An Indulgent Old Man (1937)
  Spring Flower and Autumn Moon (1937)
  The Ideal Fiancee (1938)
  Eight Hundred Heroes (1938)
  A Woman of Many Husbands (1938)
  Fortress of Flesh and Blood (1938)
  The Philanderer - The Final Chapter (1938)
  The Jade Palm-Leaf Fan (1938)
  The Second Marriage of Madam Chow (1938)
  Husbands Are Hard to Get (1938)
  The Good Gaughter-in-Law (1938)
  Lady or Gentleman? (1938)
  The Wrong Couple (1938)
  Second-Take Marriage (1938)
  Denying My Wife (1938)
  Femme Fatale (1938)
  A Night of Romance, A Lifetime of Regret (1938)
  A Woman of Many Husbands (Part 2) (1939)
  Love Burns (1939)
  It's a Women's World (1939)
  Love Duel (1939)
  Two Daughters (1939)
  The Walking Corpse (1939)
  Hong Kong Nocturne (1939)
  The Plum Blossoms Bloom Twice (1939)
  The Last Partner (1939)
  The Gallant Bandit (1939)
  The Playboy (1939)
  Twin Sisters of the South (1939)
  The Peacock Shows Its Tail (1939)
  Spirit of the Ancient Grave (1939)
  Vampires of the Haunted Mansion (1939)
  Burning of the Shaolin Temple (1939)
  A Song to Remember (1939)
  Untamed Woman (1939)
  Putting the King of Hell to Death (1939)
  The Ghost Catcher (1939)
  Mahjong Bible (1939)
  Searching for My Husband (1940)
  The Life of a Song Girl (1940)
  Jealousy and Suspicion (1940)
  Encounter with the Gods (1940)
  The Scholar and the Widow (1940)
  The Stormy Night (1940)
  Three Heroes (1941)