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Ming Xing Film Company

Star Motion Picture Development Co.
  The Golden Key (1963)
  The Poor Wife (1963)
  She Is Different (1963)
  The Silver Arrow and the Golden Blade (1964)
  Dreams Come True (1964)
  Filial Sons and Grandchildren (1964)
  The Fake Husband (1964)
  The Lucky Purse (1966)
  The Golden Bat (1966)
  Return of the Golden Bat (1966)
  Gold Button (1966)
  The Golden Gun (1966)
  The White Swan (1967)
  Bomb in Pink (1967)
  What's Good for a Goose (1970)
  Wrath of the Sword (1970)
  In the Nick of Time (1971)
  Deaf and Mute Heroine (1971)
  The Mad Killer (1971)
  Ah Lan (1957)
  Founded by Wong To and his wife Chow Sau-hing