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少林寺弟子 (1983)
Shaolin Brothers

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 03/18/2007
Summary: Sloppy and generic movie...

During drought-ridden China in the 1920's, a family of acrobats and martial artists travel from town to town to earn their money. During a performance, a local baddie named Monkey Ho picks a fight with the family and kills the father. The sisters swear revenge and go to get their brother from the Shaolin temple in order to help them. He refuses at first, but after the family is pursued and more members killed, he asks permission from the head monk and is granted his wish. The final showdown is between the family and Ho Lien, Monkey Ho's father.

Shaolin Brothers is a relatively low-budget, mainland release that doesn't break any new ground. The film is basically a showcase for what appear to be some top wu shu artists to display their forms and stunt horse riders to perform. Unfortunately, the fight choreography is a little stiff and seems to be more like wu shu competition routines transferred to outdoor settings. There are also multiple holes in the storyline, characters that appear and disappear at random with no explanation, and a strange anachronism of a man in a modern business suit watching one of the family's shows! All around sloppy and not worth anyone's time.


Reviewer Score: 2