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高山青 (1970)
Evergreen Mountains

Reviewed by: heinz Germany
Date: 03/23/2019
Summary: Fine actors ensenble in wonderfull landscape

don't agree with previous review. First I want to point out, that at the 8th Golden Horse Film Awards was awarded as ecxcellant drama movie. None of the actors burst into song - actually there was not any singing - with the ecxeption of a mountain tribal party (folklore music, singing, dancing, drinking). For me the story is centered around the motorbiking postman Yueh Peng (Wu Chia-Chi) who is very interested is his supervisor's daughter Lei-Lan (lovely Chen Chen, who 'surprisingly'[quote] looks even younger than later [quote]) and he is involved in many fates of the villagers he meets during his daily work. He is involved In the rescue of a nearly drowned runaway-schoolboy, who is bullied by classmates for "having no father" - who is in reality a prsioner in a labor camp for "messing with the wrong kind of friends' as he tells the visitor Yueh Peng before beeing released to return to his family. OK that movie has no realy climax! The emotional peak is the re-union of the family after the prisoner returns.
Still it was quite entertaining thanks to the decent acting and directing.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/03/2003
Summary: Light and muddled

This is a gentle story about a village in a quiet country community in the mountains, and mainly about a young teacher (Chen Chen, of course). Frankly, this film is not at all my speed. It's much too light. Also, it didn't help that the print I saw lacked subtitles and was, of course, in Mandarin, which I understand far less than Cantonese, and it's quite a talky little piece.

However, it was clear, even despite these problems, that the script was very muddled. The story viewpoint changed quite abruptly several times, and shifted genres the same way. For instance, characters would burst into song (something like old Hollywood musicals), then revert back to "serious" drama. By the way, there are four songs.

The one positive note is the fine cast, who take their parts seriously and act well. Especially interesting to see people playing against what would later become their type, such as veteran baddie Liu Ping playing, of all things, a gentle academic !

This film left me confused and unsatisfied, so I clearly cannot recommend it. Only for Chen Chen fans, and anyone curious to see what she was like near the start of her very busy career (i.e. she looks even younger than later !).

Reviewer Score: 3