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獸性地獄女 (1982)
Unreal Dream

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 09/28/2005
Summary: The fight between Ng Yuen Jun, Dai Sai Aan, Lam Kim Hung vs Chan Wai Man is brutal and well choreogr

Unreal Dream(1982) A group of Mainlanders(Chan Lee Lee, Ng Yuen Jun,
Dai Sai Aan, Lam Kim Hung)escape into Hong kong and get mixed up with
prostitution and robberies through mobsters(Philip Ko and Chan Wai Man).
This is a very different movie for Ko(who was out of shape and chubby in
this one) and Chan, who play the villains together in this one, who
were in the beginning of their prime. The pacing is quite good and the
movie is shot well. Hon Kwok Choi and a number of Taiwanese stars have
roles in this one, it's an all star cast. The female lead(Chan Lee Lee)
here has rabies and eventually uses it to fight off Philip Ko, as she
even finally bites his family jewels off at the end. The fight between Ng Yuen Jun, Dai Sai Aan, Lam Kim Hung vs Chan Wai Man is brutal and well choreographed, a welcome suprise, and worth the viewing. The finale fight between Chan Lee Lee and Philip Ko is short but well choreographed, as she does some corkscrew spins and takes nasty falls. Incidently, in 1986, Philip Ko and Tomas Tang of Filmark International edited parts of this movie into ninja footage starring the Gwei Los and extras from Jackie Chan's Armour of God(1986), which was studio shooting at the same time in Hong Kong, as well a Bruce Lee impersonator randomly thrown in beating up bad guys, and an extra fight scene with Dai Sai Ann fighting ninjas, a big bellied out of shape Ken Boyle in a ninja costume(the price for the ninja version alone), a cut in shape and skinny different hairstyled
Philip Ko, as Filmark released the pastiche as Tough Ninja the Shadow
Warrior(1986) aka City Ninja. It's interesting to see the vast differences in the English dubbed dialogue of the ninja version when compared to the original HK version, as the English dub is completely different from what is said in the HK version. The dialogue in the original HK version is very witty and fast! It isn't art or all that great, but with an all star cast, an interesting story, and great street fight scenes!
(ala Chan Wai Man), it's a guilty pleasure and fun if you have nothing
else to watch. Both the Hong Kong and Filmark ninja English dub
versions are rated the same, the latter for the dialogue, the former for it's complete crazyness: ***/*****