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師兄師弟 (1982)
Masters of Tiger Crane

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 12/07/2017
Summary: Bad comedy and poor editing...

Masters of Tiger Crane (original Korean title “The Brave Seo Rim”) has Benny Tsui as a bumbling brother of a famous Korean artist (Choe Mu-Ung) that resides in a buddhist temple. When the artist brother is kidnapped by a provincial lord (Hwang Jang-Lee) and his wife (Guk Jeong-Suk), Seo Rim (Tsui) sets out to find and rescue him. Along the way he learns kung fu from a local drunken beggar (Martin Chui) and runs afoul of a host of henchmen.

If the plot sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It is almost the same plot as most kung fu films produced at this time that looked to capitalize on the popularity of the character made famous in “Drunken Master.” Unfortunately, this movie doesn’t improve on any of the other pitfalls that similar movies suffer from, namely horrendous comedy and weak fights until the final scene. The story of Seo Rim might be well known in Korea, because there seems to a lot of the plot that is already understood by the viewer, such as the importance of the artist brother and a background of somehow betraying the country with his art. If this is a new character, they did a terrible job of explaining what was going on. Predictably, the final fight where Tsui gets to show off his abilities, as well as duking it out with Hwang Jang Lee is exciting, but for some reason there are multiple 10-15 second scenes that are repeated several times. Either the editors were trying to fill time or they didn’t think the audience would pick up on the duplication. Either way, it’s distracting and amateurish. Can’t really recommend, even for the final 15 minute battle.

Reviewer Score: 3