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ȯȸU (1961)
Long Live the Money

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 01/14/2004

A modern variation on the high/low theme.

Old coot and skinflint, But (Lam Kwun-Shan), is a rich man who spends his days counting and ironing his money stashed behind a gated safe. His eight wives decide to get their share and steal the money.
When distant relative Wong tai (Wong Man-Lei) and her daughter, Choi (Tsi Lo-Lin) arrive from SE Asia, But rebuffs them as moneygrubbers. The two take shelter at her sister's wooden rooming house, where they meet the noble but poor Sing (Cheung Wood Yau), a locksmith who works for But.

The film is filled with annoying characters, the old man, the eight wives, the hard of hearing servant (Wong Cho-San?), Wong's equally money grubbing sister. Only slightly less annoying is the Fook character, a mentally slow cousin, that the wives scheme to marry Choi off to better get to the money.

Besides Sing and Choi, another noble poor is a fellow tenant, a daffy clock repairer. It's only due to the screenwriter that they overcome the crew of moneygrubbers that infect this film.

In a modern update to Raise The Red Lantern, the old man beckons his wives by an electric message board with a number representing each wife.

This must be one of the last films produced by the socially conscious group at Union Film who created the Family/Spring/Autumn trilogy and other 50's Cantonese classics .

Reviewer Score: 6