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情海金枝 (1965)
An Ocean of Love

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 08/20/2004

This film is a variation on the Prince and the Pauper tale.

A rich girl from Singapore, Mei Bo (Nam Hung), pays a visit to Hong Kong to check on her businesses. Her host couple and chaperones played by Cheng Kwun-Min and Lee Heung-Kam are thrown in a tizzy. Mei Bo sneaks out of the her hosts' house out of boredom one night with the aid of her maids. In her guise as a country girl, she meets Tien Man(Wu Fung). Tien Man raises and sells flowers along with his father on property that that Mei Bo owns. The continue to meet this way falling in love with each other. When Mei Bo's mother (Wong Man-Lei) arrives from Singapore she disapproves of the relationship fearing that Tien Man is only after her money.

In the opening sequence which includes real footage of devastating fire bombs during the Japanese invasion, we see two babies switched during an air raid. Hmmm...I wonder how that plays into the story?

The film is quite funny, particularly the scenes with the two maids, one of which is played by a very young Helena Law Lan look alike (well, to me).

Reviewer Score: 7