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黑玫瑰與黑玫瑰 (1966)
Spy with My Face

Reviewed by: duriandave
Date: 07/02/2005

Spy With My Face is the sequel to The Black Rose and features the same main characters: Nam Hung and Connie Chan as the virtuous outlaw sisters who steal from the rich and give to the poor and Patrick Tse as the insurance claim inspector who befriends them. But any other similarity between the films ends right there. The Black Rose was a semi-moody tale infused with the melodramatic class consciousness that was typical of many Cantonese films of the fifties and early sixties. Spy With My Face comes off as an outlandish, low-budget James Bond spoof. While the contrast between the films is jarring at first, the sequel is just as charming as the original.

Patrick Tse Yin is kidnapped by a criminal gang and replaced with someone whose face has been surgically altered to look just like him. The imposter returns to the insurance company where Patrick works and proceeds to take photographs of some obviously important documents. Nam Hung and Connie Chan discover that something is amiss with their friend and proceed to infiltrate the gang’s headquarters to set things right.

Nam Hung and Connie Chan are just as clever and cool as they were in The Black Rose. One of the highlights of this sequel are the constantly changing mod outfits of the two stars. Patrick Tse, as the imposter, also looks quite sharp with his stylish suit and sun glasses. The headquarters and outfits of the criminal gang are suitably garish (undoubtedly more so in the film’s original color version, which thankfully has been saved by the Hong Kong Film Archive). The action is more frequent and more complexly choreographed than the first film. Patrick Tse even gets to brawl a bit in this one.

But above all, it is the charm of the leading ladies that elevates this picture. As before, Nam Hung and Connie Chan are in complete control of every situation. Particularly hilarious is the scene where Connie, posing as a pregnant girlfriend, distracts the imposter Patrick while Nam Hung steals his secret communicator. Such humor and the far-out style of Spy With My Face make it an enjoyable Cantonese camp classic.

Reviewer Score: 7