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N (1967)
Black Falcon

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 04/18/2004

This flick sorta has that James Bond air, but not quite. The male lead in the film, Chang Shih Chieh (Chang Chung), is smart, dapper, and witty just like Bond, but minus the gadgets and fancy cars. In the flick, Shih Chieh mentions James Bond as a friend. As a matter of fact he also states that Bond has thought him a few tricks of the trade. As for the flick, a crime organization called the Black Falcons has just murdered an undercover. The police feel that the head of the Black Falcons, Mr. Tan, isn't the one calling the shots anymore and would like to investigate as to who is. The Police plan on using Mr. Tan's daughter, Chun Li, as the key to seeing him. So what do the Police do? They hire a handsome agent named Shih Chieh to seduce the daughter so they can find Mr. Tan. Shih Chieh woos the girl but takes up to really liking her. The mission turns from being 'business' to now being personal as Shih Chien and Chun Li try to find Mr. Tan. This flick is over 30 years old. The action scenes were pretty good, yet slow, for the time. There was even a gunfight that didn't look too cheesy!