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c (1974)
The Brother Two

Reviewed by: MasterArts
Date: 05/12/2002
Summary: Kung fu Powerhouse???????

I'm pretty sure this is the movie. Those Ocean Shores marketing team really made history with some of the titles they came up with. this case, two prisoners makes an escape. One of them is a big time dealer. And one however, is a cop. The two main actors play the two, with Kong as the cop(undercover). Kurata must have found out about Kong being a cop about four times. He brushed them off weirdly enough. That's what makes this movie so funny, is that he figures Kong as a cop intelligently, putting all the answers in front of him and BRUSHES IT OFF. It's like frustrating yet fun at the same time. Both actors acted very well in this one. ACTED very well. I had to side with the bad guy on this one. Oh yeah, and Kung fu wise.......forget about it.