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扭計祖宗陳夢吉 (1975)
Two Con Men

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 06/14/2010
Summary: The good, the bad and the itchy

This 1975 comedy is about two tricksters, one who is bad and will work for the highest bidder and the other who works always for good, a Robin Hood in China film. This means they are constantly pitted against each other in an escalating series of tricks and scams. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and as a comedy it hits the mark with jokes and slapstick. How could you not laugh at the old "laxatives in the food and itching powder sprinkled on the toilet paper" gag? This film reinforces that good will overcome bad and the righteous will win out and along the way have a few belly laughs.
It works for what it is, a 35 year old comedy film. What it lacks in sets and modern visual tricks it more than make sup for with a good story, script and fine acting. I know I shouldn't rave but these old comedies are just great in my opinion and far outweigh some of the much more recent offerings of the genre.
Well worth a viewing and in my case a repeat or two!

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: ororama
Date: 04/13/2009

"Two Con Men" pits Cheung Ying as arrogant trickster Tricky Ching against Leung Tin as righteous trickster Clever Chen. Ching makes his skills available to whomever is willing to pay him to gain a financial advantage, get out of a difficult situation or seek revenge on an enemy. Chen is a visitor to the city who uses his skills to humble the powerful and aid the oppressed. He sees Ching exploiting one of his servants, and devises an ingenious plan to turn Ching's tricks against him.

The movie is episodic by its nature, as a problem arises and one of the tricksters plans and executes a scheme to benefit his client, but the story never loses steam. Cheung Ying and Leung Tin give excellent performances as the rivals. The actresses in the movie primarily serve as eye candy, with Chen Ping exceptionally delicious as a prostitute who Ching uses to attract a foolish young rich man to a brothel, and Chen uses to turn the tables on Ching and the young man.

The movie entertains and provides a gentle lesson, as Ching's greed and high self-regard make him vulnerable to Chen's tricks. Ching cannot accept that another person as clever (or perhaps more clever) as him has invaded his territory. The movie moves at a brisk pace and is consistently amusing.