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孔雀王朝 (1979)
Murder Plot

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 09/04/2008

Another Chor Yuen rendition of a Gu Long tale, this one starring David Chiang for a change. It's much the same as any of the others with Ti Lung or Derek Yee though, but feels like it was later than 1979 - by the time he'd stopped really trying. Perhaps it's just that his self-penned scripts were never very good. This one seems to extract the major points of what is probably a fascinating story, then put them on screen with little effort directed towards creating any tension, atmosphere or drama. It feels lazy. Or perhaps I'm just tired of these films, of which Chor Yuen simply made too many. The sets and costumes are very pretty though.

Reviewer Score: 3