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瘋狂大老千 (1980)
Crazy Crooks

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 10/31/2006
Summary: both slappy and sticky...

now, this is very silly and quite a mess. in a terribly convoluted way, two crooks (karl maka and dean shek) become embroiled with a forgery ring and a little orphan. there's no point in going any further, you'll probably only watch this film if you're a fan of maka and shek, in which case, you'll find it strangely enjoyable. despite the fact that he could annoy the hell out of you, shek does put in a great physical performance, whilst karl maka is always watchable. there's also some pretty funny slapstick fighting...


Reviewed by: Yellow Hammer
Date: 11/20/2000

Slapstick movie about 2 swindlers, Kong Kun Chat (Karl Maka) and Moo Pi Chide (Dean Shek) who gambled with fake money with someone else to get back real money. At least Kong and Moo thought it was real money. Turned out the money was also fake, and a death warrent is issued for them. Luckily, a little kid Mak Tau saves their lives.

The movie is a very typical Stoogeian product by Dean Shek, with the ever-annoying Shek in a Moe role. This movie was one of the more popular movies in 1980, when this type of humor seemed prevalent in popular movies that that time. Compare this movie with other countryside period films producted around this time such as Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog, The Magnificent Butcher, Drunken Master, and Snake in the Eagle's Shadow.