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午夜麗人 (1986)
Midnight Girls

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 01/22/2008

Midnight Girls is the story of two women, Blackie (Kitty Chan) and Ling (Ng Man-Ling), who are trying to make a living for themselves so that they can escape the hard-knock existence of Hong Kong's slums.

Blackie was once a "hostess", but put that aside when she meets a successful car salesman. Ling is tired of her job working in an office and wants the "easy" money of being a club girl, but can't actually become one, for fear of embarrassing her doting father.

After a series of events, though, both women are drawn into "the life". Things seem to be going well at first, as they are able to move out and afford their own spacious flat. However, after running afoul of a local gangster, the duo realize that they can't be hostesses forever -- but is it too late to change their path?

Even the most naive Hong Kong movie viewer knows, that at least based on their on-screen portrayal, the trials and tribulations of a club girl are anything but glamorous. And that's Midnight Girls' main problem; it doesn't break any sort of new ground.

Really, the only thing of note is that this was Francis Ng's film debut. But his role (as one of the club's patrons) is pretty small, and he doesn't get to display much (if any) of the ferocity that would become his trademark in later years.

Still, there's nothing really all the wrong with Midnight Girls, either. It's a decent enough movie to check out if you're in the mood for some 80's-style melodrama.

Speaking of '80's style, this is just oozing it; even some of the women have mullets! I never knew Hong Kong ladies had a fondness for the hockey helmet -- I guess Midnight Girls did teach me a little something new after all.

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Reviewer Score: 5