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暴風女 (1988)
Dirty Girl

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/12/2002
Summary: Ho hum

Yep, these girls sure are angry but I couldn't work out what they were angry about. The lack of subtitles didn't help. About all that was clear was that Yu Chi Wai's character had a romantic involvement with Lau Siu Kwan's character and, after LSK was released from jail, he didn't want to continue with it, and YCW wasn't happy.

I only watched about twenty minutes, and things were wandering around all over the place without much ever happening.

Yu Chi Wai is a gorgeous actress who is at her best sans clothing, such as her terrific role in Yu Pui Tsuen (1987) as a cheating housewife. Unfortunately, most of her movie appearance are not of that type. She's appeared in a lot of crap, including this film. Don't bother.

Reviewer Score: 1