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老虎ċ‡şç›£ (1989)
Run, Don't Walk

Reviewed by: Brian Thibodeau
Date: 05/06/2007
Summary: A copy of films in Hong Kong? Decidedly not...

Uncredited but nearly scene-for-scene remake of Francis Veber’s 1989 U.S. film THREE FUGITIVES, and by extension, his far superior 1986 French original LES FUGITIFS. In the role previously occupied by Nick Nolte and Gerard Depardieu, Ti Lung stars as a former hold-up man, just moments out of prison and hounded by detective Kent Cheng, taken hostage by hapless bank robber Richard Ng (in the Martin Short/Pierre Richard role), who needs money to cure his cute daughter (Chan Cheuk-yan), who hasn’t spoken since her mother died. Virtually all the major setpieces from the previous films are checked off here—from Ng’s disastrous stickup in the opening moments, to the veterinarian (Ng Wui) who tends to Ti Lung’s gunshot wound as if he were treating a dog, to the popular “wig” gag, to Ng’s disguising as a woman to rescue his daughter from protective services, but ending up giving “birth” to a stuffed animal in the hospital—but there are significant differences, most notably the addition of Shirley Lui as Ti Lung’s girlfriend, a part that splits a crucial lead role across two characters, thus whittling down Ti’s part (not to mention his interaction with the little girl, which was key to her recovery in Veber’s films) and eliminating a key sequence in the originals wherein the two men and pose as man and wife to get across the border to safety. Here, Ng garners big laughs in drag, but it’s Lui who aids him on his mission, while Ti Lung sits around his apartment making sure Cheng and his partner don’t suspect that he’s home alone. Despite these needless digressions and screenwriter Sam Kwok-wing’s virtual Xeroxing of Veber’s work, this has enough charm on which to get by. Richard Ng is ideally cast, and Ti’s repeated run-ins with former gang boss Lam Chung allow him to demonstrate he’s still got what it takes to level a room. Memorable theme music by composed by Raymond Wong Ying-wah.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 11/16/2002
Summary: Excellent!!

Excellent film! Well worth seeing. A copy of many films in HK, but a standout all the same.