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漫畫王 (1996)
The King of Comic

Reviewed by: sleung
Date: 12/09/1999

A bizarre action-comedy starring Ng Man-Tat as a private detectivewho happens upon a baby in a back alley (the baby grows up and is played by Kok Siu-Man). The plot also involves Nicky Wu as the son of a crime lord who insists that Nicky produce an heir for him. More a collection of scenes than an actual movie, this movie will bore even the most ardent Nicky Wu fan. The movie would have benefited from more scenes developing Nicky's character and less scenes of Kok Siu-Man doing his boring "cute-kid" schtick for the camera. This movie ranks a 51 out of 100. One hilarious and imaginative scene involving Nicky Wu buying underwear saves it from being a total failure.


Reviewer Score: 5