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最毒婦人心 (1999)
The Evil of a Woman Heart

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Evil of a Woman Heart, The (1999)

In recent years, women played important roles in the community. We have outstanding females in every career. However, there is a old saying that women are evil. Of course, I've never heard of any proof for such a silly saying. However, B&S productions has taken this topic as the basis for their new production 'The Evil of a Woman Heart' to demonstrate how a woman can ruin the lifes of two men.

Roy (YUNG Kam-cheong) is a police officer. He received some kind of bible from a bar owner Alan TAM and gives his earnings from bible to his accountant friend Peter (MA Tak-chung). One day, Roy and Peter quarrelled severely towards each other because Peter refused to give the return of Roy's 'investments' Roy. At the same time, an insurance girl Amy (CHUNG Kit-yee) was raped by Paul (Hugo NG Doi-yung), a financial firm manager. As the place for the rape is just next to the restaurant where Roy and Peter were, Roy goes to rescue Amy while Paul escaped. Peter came and quarrelled with Roy again by saying that he will never give the money back to Roy. Roy is so angered that he shooted Peter. In order to be escaped from the crime, he forced Amy to say that the rapist killed Peter by beating her up.

After being raped, Amy angry towards men. Kevin is Amy's boss. He always want to take advantage from Amy and he wants to rape Amy. As a revenge to Kevin, she asked Paul to lose Kevin's money and then transferred the money to her by making use of the rape incident to blackmail Paul, who will emigrate with his family. Then she blackmails Roy asking him to beat up Kevin. Peter's girlfriend Erica (YU Siu-bo) finally finds the corruption of Roy. While she is going to give the proof to ICAC, she was caught by Amy ......

The main theme of the movie is the show how evil a woman can be through the behaviour of Amy. Amy is the victim of a rape which changes her attitude and she starts to act on a developing hatred towards men. The plot is able to show the evil of Amy towards Paul and Roy. The plot has got a good description on Amy. Her character can be more devil if there can be a sub-plot for her vegenance towards her boyfriend. Perhaps the message of the film is not totally anti-woman and the evil in Amy's character is balanced by a more positive role by Erica.

Despite a good plot the film is let down by very poor perfomances by the main actress CHUNG Kit-yee. CHUNG has great difficulty capturing the complexity of the character Amy who should be changing throughout the film. When she cries in front of Roy outside a bar, her crying is so fake that audience laughs in the theatre.

This shows two problems. First, the actress is inexperienced. She should be given more training before acting. Second, the director has the responsibility to guide the performer & to ensure the take is well done. When there are problems in a take it needs to be redone. Otherwise, this would only made audience feel annoyed.

The performance of other actors and actresses are on average. YUNG Kam-cheong, who plays the role of a cop Roy, is the leading role in the movie. His performance is to the standard. Even though he has lots of interactive with CHUNG in front of the screens, he can still do his job well. Hugo NG Doi-yung and YU Siu-bo has not much to act in the movie. They are okay but not very remarkable in the movie.

'The Evil of a Woman Heart' is a movie describing the dark side of human beings thorugh the stories of a girl and two men. The plot is well done and is about to present the topic. Despite a strong plot the movie is severely let down by the extremely poor performance of the lead actress. The director and the actress should pay more attention in the quality of the movie.