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天旋地戀 (1999)
When I Look Upon the Stars

Reviewed by: magic-8
Date: 03/21/2003
Summary: Delightful

"When I Look Upon the Stars" is an entertaining movie from director Dante Lam that takes a peek at the relationships of Leo Koo, Anita Chan, Sam Lee and Shu Qi. The four leads get romantically involved with break ups and unions during the course of the film. Shu Qi shines as the waitress in a local diner in Japan. She expresses joy and optimism that patrons of the diner find attractive.

Dante Lam does a fine job of keeping the pace of the movie from turning dull by providing a glimpse into the lives of the characters caught up in the trials of relationships and how they affect one's disposition. Lam doesn't sink to using silly or crass comedy to tell the tale, but by allowing the characters to react to their situations of loss and how they are able to overcome them.

"When I Look Upon the Stars" is a modest, character driven film that is delightful viewing.

Reviewed by: future113
Date: 01/07/2002
Summary: A really nice gem

I'm not sure why all the negative reviews about this movie, I thought it was a great movie and I'm glad I picked this dvd up. It's a cross between '12 Nights' and 'Needing You'. A romantic comedy with a little reality with relationship mixed in. Both Anita Chan and Hsu Chi were cute in this movie.
It's about a guy named Kei who goes to Japan to see his gf of 6 1/2 years and finds that his gf has fallen in love with his best friend. So the movie develops into a somewhat sticky love mess, especially when Hsu Chi comes into the picture. Enjoyable to watch, I'd reccomend this dvd, it's a good movie to watch with a girl. Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: runo_jp
Date: 06/02/2001
Summary: When I look upon the stars

I really enjoyed it, although I admit it has its flaws. There are some loose ends for the different characters, which compromise the story, but the result is satisfying enough for me.

Reviewed by: grimes
Date: 04/08/2000

s this a Hong Kong movie? When I Look Upon the Stars is a light romantic comedy in the vein of many a Hollywood film. It
is loquacious and stylish and not too serious, treading ground broken (in Hong Kong, at least) by UFO. However, there is
still something about it that is undeniably Hong Kong. It is nice to know that filmmakers in Hong Kong can absorb and
assimilate styles from all over the world without losing the charms unique to their industry.

Airplane Kei is a much too driven designer of something or other in a Hong Kong factory run by Eric Tsang, a neurotic
worrier who constantly turns to Kei for advice. When he finally decides he needs a break, he goes to visit his girlfriend June,
who is studying in Japan. When he gets there he soon finds out that June has fallen in love with Sam, Kei's longtime best

While moping in a coffee shop, he meets Didi, who seems to be the confidante and therapist of all of the coffee shop's
customers. She takes him under her wing and, of course, romance blossoms. Needless to say, the plotline is not exactly
unpredictable. However, originality is not everything. Good execution is as important, and that is what we get.

The script is well-written, particularly the character of Didi. On the surface, she is endlessly positive and supportive of
others, despite the fact that she has her own problems to deal with. However, she needs support from others, and seeks it in
Kei, under the guise of helping him get over being dumped. Hsu Chi is a good actress, despite the fact that she too often
relies simply on her cute, squeaky voice and a pouty look. In When I Look Upon the Stars, she is at her best when she
exposes the dark side of Didi, her loneliness and longing.

The rest of the cast is also good, though unfortunately the film drops June and Sam's storyline from the picture about
halfway through for no good reason. I wanted to find out more about them. Sam Lee is good, though I would love to see him
play a character other than an irresponsible but good-at-heart guy.

The direction is fairly straightforward though there are a few moments where the film intentionally reminds us that we are
watching a film. These moments work well in emphasizing the emotion of that moment in the film, rather than calling
attention to themselves as art.

When I Look Upon the Stars is a well done modern romantic comedy, very much in the vein of a UFO film. It is not as deep
or clever as the best UFO films, but it is still more enjoyable than your average Hollywood film.

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 03/18/2000
Summary: Hsu Chi strikes again

This movie has a lot going for it; Leo Koo and Sam Lee are both good, (though Sam is underused in the second half)and the film has an entertainingly whimsical feel. But once again, Hsu Chi is up to her irritating cutesy antics. My opinion is further solidified: I no longer think of her as an uneven performer, I think of her as a hideously awful actress with a few fluke decent performances. The movie really takes a nose-dive in the second half, when she becomes the focus. Other than that, I was really enjoying the film until that point, other than for a few clumsy metaphors. Worth checking out, despite Hsu Chi. I'm sure her depraved fans will enjoy it even more.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: When I Look Upon the Stars (1999)

Dante LAM Chiu-yin seems to try to widen his direction in variety. Having directed 'Option Zero' (1997) and assisted in directing 'Beast Cops' (1998), he switched to direct 'When I Look Upon the Stars' for romance. The choice of actors seems to be new in combination to make the movie looks fresh.

'When I Look Upon the Stars' started with Aeroplane Kei (Leo KU, the character Kei means a kind of chess) visited his girlfriend June (Anita CHAN) in Japan for his leave from Shenzen to give her a surprise. However, June's heart has been away from Kei while started the relationship with Kei's best friend Sam (Sam LEE). Sam came to Japan for being a comic artist while he took care of June while he is a guy who always sticks with local girls. Kei tried to get back the relationship but he failed while June sticked to Sam. Kei get lost for his hearts and he accidentally met Kiki (HSU Chi) who worked as a model and waitress. Kiki tried to comfort Kei but subsequently she lost her boy. Two broken hearts resulted that Kiki asked Kei to be his boy for 24 hours while Kei accepts.

Script writer CHAN Hing-ka is strength in writing love stories like 'Brief Encounter in Shinjuku' (1990). In 'When I Look Upon the Stars', CHAN has done an excellent job in scripts. The relationship of Kei and June is the traditional one while it no longer valids. June sticked to Sam who seems not to suit June in most aspects but they are happy together. It looks a bit out of imagination but you still think it is sensible because this time Sam's role is free for call but clean. The relationship between Kiki and Kei is accidental but well-written which can reflect the feeling of love between real and virtual.

The main theme of the movie talks about relationship between two genders. In addition to the main characters, Eric TSANG's roles seems to summarize the theme by making choices between two girls. The theme is that love cannot be explained in normal ways. The whole issue is well presented. The background of Japan has made the movie with more feeling about the genders. It may be a calculation to meet the needs of audience who have been addicted to Japanese dramas but it is a good trial.

SHU Kei has done an excellent job in 'When I Look Upon a Star'. Her role is a bit complex. On one hand she is the waitress in a cafe helping others to solve their love problems. On the other hand, she is depressed by failing to become a top model while she lost her boy which could pump her up to the industry. SHU Kei acted in a way which makes you feel her optimistic and energetic but with emotions.

Relatively, Leo KU and Anita CHAN seem to be acting a bit pale. Maybe this is due to inexperience while their characters are a bit hard to present in an outstanding well. Sam LEE is also sharp in the movie. It is a surprise to see Sam LEE is a movie with a relative cleaner role while his performance is still suitable.

In short, 'When I Look Upon the Stars' has got an excellent script to present the romance of the new generation with suitable context and depth. With incredible performance of HSU Chi, Dante LAM proved that he is not only a direction for action of cops movies but also romantic films.