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1959某日某 (1999)
What You Gonna Do, Sai Fung

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: What You Gonna Do, Sai Fung (1999)

In the past few months, due to the poor box office of movies, some independent productions can fill in the gaps by showing in cinemas like Cine-Art House. Last month, 'Private Investigation' showed in Cine-Art House. Now another independent production by AU Kam-tong, a famous actor in ATV, is showing.

'What You Gonna to Do, Sai Fung' has a name of 'Some day in 1959' in Chinese literature. The whole story is about Sai Fung (i.e. Bruce LEE Siu-lung) and his affairs at the last day before he went to the States to be pumped up in his entertainment business. From these days, he met his friends, he beated the baddies, he hanged up with his girl, every pieces has made up his changes in future.

The whole movie is taken not in normal films but in 4:3 projector. This strengthen the taste of being experimental. In fact, you can feel the taste starting from the beginning of the movie by taking a shot of AU Kam-tong and his friend walking downstair. The whole process is in one shot. Similiar cases also happen in 'Trust Me U Die' but you can accept this happen in 'What You Gonna to Do, Sai Fung' but not in 'Trust Me U Die'.

In terms of presentation, it seems that retrospective is the most common way in presentating the stuffs. For example, when presenting Sai Fung meets his friend in a local restaurant, instead of writing him waiting and get back to his friends downstairs, it is presented by putting the sequence of meeting friends first while referring back to the scene he played the coins. Such presentation is good at two senses. First, AU can focus on the stuffs for playing coins while not distributing the continuity of the movie.

It seems that it's a short object while all scenes can be packed freely. This is good for releasing the pressure in putting a long coherent story. AU can have more atmosphere in presenting what he would like to put in front of the audience.

For the performance of the casting, most of them were performers in ATV. It seems that the performance is okay though some of them seems still to be green in acting. However, who cares for an experiental movie which should born to be green and fresh?

In short, I think 'What You Gonna to Do, Sai Fung' is a good short object in terms of presentation. It lasts only 64 minutes which only costs you only $ 30. I consider it's a worth-trial. Unfortunately, this is a movie without English subtitles. Hope it can be put up subtitles so that more non-native speakers can enjoy the movie.